Superheroine Dream

I'm Wildkat from Superheroine Dream.
The Server was down due to more traffic on the homepage than expected on the first day of release.
I'm very sorry caused inconvenience to you.
I will come up with a solution to solve this problem and compensate you for the inconvenience you may have felt.
The contents are as follows.

- To stabilize the server and homepage, we will temporarily close and reorganize the homepage.
- The homepage will be rearranged and will open again after a week or so.
(The exact reopening date will be announced on YouTube later.)
- Sales of ' Wunder Woman's Rebirth ' will resume with the opening of the homepage.
- We will add special effects and color corrections for better images.
- An additional 7 minutes of video will be available from the existing 37 minute video. Therefore, the total video will be more than 44 minutes long.(This is the Death Version of ' Wunder Woman Rebirth' another ending in the first episode)
- For those who purchased the video before the server went down, when the homepage reopens, I will deliver new video individually.

Once again, I apologize to all of you for expecting my new movie.
I will solve the problem as soon as I can and repay you with a work I don't disappoint you. Thank you.



Comming Soon