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In this post, I’ll introduce WW season 2’s character and information.

1. Dana/ Wunder Woman (Mid-20s)

As you know, she is an ordinary office worker but in an emergency situation,
she transforms into a Wunder Woman and is a superheroine who fights against a group of evil.

2. Doctor Moon (Mid-40s)

He has genius talents in physics and quantum mechanics.
But he was expelled from academia because of insanity beyond talent and his status
and reputation went down.
He is betrayed by the arrogant and narrow system of the world and aims to create a new world
in his own way.
He is wondering about Wunder Woman, who is superhuman beyond science, with the
curiosity of a scientist.

3. Usurper (Age unknown)

Nobody knows when he has existed and where he came from.
His intellectual ability is more than imagined because he gave up all the physical things
and concentrated solely on one brain function.
He can use psychokinesis and manipulate a person’s mind with it and summon things
from another dimension.

4. Yu-Jin (Mid-20s)

Dana’s best friend. She is the greatest comfort for Dana.
But she is taken hostage by the enemy and used as bait to catch Wunder Woman.

5. The-O (Age unknown)

It is cyborg made by Dr. Moon.
He is 100times stronger than normal adult men and he has a lot of secret weapons in his coat.

6. Cheol-Min (Age 30s)

He is an ordinary office worker and Yu-Jin introduce him to Dana and is meeting Dana recently.
He is caring and understanding, and he tries to get closer to Dana who is not open to heart.

7. Frau Engel

Yes, she is.
The Nazi’s incarnation.

This movie contains content

– Giant laser canon
– Wunder Woman suffering from laser beam
– Wunder Woman who is worried about her identity.
– Wunder Woman vs The-O (cyborg)
– A mad scientist who develops various weapons to destroy Wunder Woman
– A Nazi woman who wants revenge.
– Wunder Woman falling into a trap
– Lose the magic belt
– Interrogation scene

The actor’s casting is over and shootings is scheduled for around August.
And I’m considering a bad ending that ends with death.

31 Comments on “About 2nd season of Wunder Woman”

  1. S

    Looks very good. A bad ending would be great, but no death. Too dark. Instead, think about Wunder Woman losing her powers to a female villain, who becomes a dark Wunder Woman.

  2. Matt Cox

    Very cool I like the villains you have lined up for ww, just a thought instead of killing ww off go thru with the perils you have planned for ww but she gets defeated and unable to do anything to stop the villains and maybe have it appear at the end she been killed or forced into hiding until she can find away to defeat the villains.

  3. S

    Yes, do a bad ending, but not death. Too dark. Maybe have Wunder Woman lose her powers to the female villain, who then becomes an evil Wunder Woman.

  4. bestialinvasion667

    Yeah I don’t like the death part. Maybe do a 2 part episode where she is held captive.

  5. kaptureme

    I like the bad ending, but maybe not death. Just totally defeated left for dead, but not known if she lived or dies. Then if you make another one in the future, we know she lived. 🙂

  6. Matt

    Maybe at the end have her totally defeated with her powers being neutralized and she suffers a huge defeat and is left for dead or totally helpless to do anything to stop the villains as they start taking over the world as governments give into there demands.

    Than if there a part two it could focus on ww getting her powers back and confidence, after being in hiding for some time, she forced to do something and take a stand as the people she loves slowly enslaved wich in the end leaves to some climatic battle etc..

  7. wildkat

    Thank you for your kind comments.
    There is nothing yet to be decided about the ending.
    I’ll listen to your opinions and decide more.
    One thing is certain, I’ll not put a cruel scene.
    It is not my style and my heroine should not lose elegance to the end.
    There is a month until shooting.
    If you have a good idea, please leave a comment or e-mail me ([email protected])

    p.s – Oh, there is something I did not tell you, WW’s invisible jet also appear in movies 😀

  8. Ron V

    Great to see Wonder Woman continuing her fight against evil and the invisible jet being used. I especially love the the idea of her being captured by the Nazi woman who wants revenge. I’ll never forget how WW lassoed the Baroness and yanked her into the pool in the TV episode. I’m sure the Baroness wishes she had used more knockout spray after their catfight down the hill! Only wish you have dvds.

  9. dongsiheng

    Oh!NO!there is no my favourite villian GIGANTA!!!I want to see her destroying wonder woman!!

  10. Mallaww

    I like the idea of Giganta too a BBW stronger than WW, lifting and squeezing WW, capturing her because was hired for … a secret weapon hired by the villaine to capture WW alive.

  11. M

    I thought the actress who played the role of Wunder Woman in ( Wunder Woman Mask Of Kashnaktu ) episodes was very good at portraying the character role, I would of liked to of seen her portray Wunder Woman again in other episodes, regarding a bad ending- instead of Wunder Woman being killed or defeated what if Wunder Woman got framed by a villain for something and became a wanted villain after being framed and she has to set out to clear her name and prove she,s innocent ? I would find that an interesting storyline .

  12. Bruce

    Bad end will be great.Maybe she can die with anger but she can do nothing.As you said ,she can not lose her elegance.

  13. Bruce

    Also,when WW was captured,she can be taken to her friend and the villain tell her frirnd that WW had already been defeated.I think this will be great.Hope you can consider about this.

  14. The Dalek

    Have WW captured and brainwashed, with the villains saying with their technology they can make WW more powerful than ever but serving them.

    At the end we get a look inside WW’s mind and we see the good WW imprisoned in a cage and talking to evil WW. Good WW says she will eventually break out eventually foreshadowing the events of the sequel.

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