19 Comments on “BTS of 1977 (Updated! 0526)”

  1. Don

    Jae, I am REALLY going to miss you playing our beloved heroine but I am happy for you in regards to your marriage. and want to wish you and your hubby the best. Damn. I’m going to miss you though.

    1. Ramon pardo Villafranca

      Don, do you have the name of our beloved actress.

      Hope really best wishes for her!!!


  2. Ramon pardo Villafranca

    Searched for her but and not found any info,
    only a few videos of KIM from 2014.

    Dont know if i misspelled the name or had a wrong name.


      1. Ramon pardo Villafranca

        already searched but it gives me info for a South Korean Film Director, XD.
        Maybe i was searching in wrong sites like FB or IG.

        Thanks for your time.

  3. Ramon pardo Villafranca

    Thanks for the update Wildkat!!!
    If you can share more in your youtube channel will be really good!!!


  4. kaptureme

    Loved the movie, and appreciate all of the behind the scenes stuff. That is fun to watch.

    What is your expectation for the Supergirl video? Is that the next release?


  5. wildkat

    We are going to shoot WW 1977 2nd season at the end of July.
    Perhaps I will be doing additional shoots of the Super Girl (the SG is not finished yet) then, but it is not clear yet.
    I will be able to release the main characters and synopsis of the 2nd season in a week.
    WW fans will be excited about everything!

    P.s – At that time, I will release additional images of SG

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