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  1. rpardojr2205

    Awesome and Great News Wildkat,
    excellent pics and in perfect timing,
    Hope this release will come in 1080p
    and really hope that you will continue working with the actress as WW 77.

    Just saw the vids in your youtube channel a few minutes ago.
    Expect that you pleased us with a few more videos and pics from the Directors Cut!!!

    Anxiously awaiting for May 5TH.

    Thanks a Lot!!!

    1. wildkat

      Thank you rpardojr2205!!
      But unfortunately this actor’s work will be the last.
      Because she retired with marriage.
      Of course I am very sorry, but I decided to respect her decision.
      I want you to watch her last work ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. asukaoffreedom

    Great job Wildkat!!! Thanks for your amazing work.
    If i may ask, is there an approximate time for release of SG film?

    1. wildkat

      Thank you, asukaoffreedom!
      But sadly, nothing has been decided yet.
      I would probably talk on the next Supergirl post blog,
      Supergirl needs more work than I thought. (special effect, chroma-key shooting and more…)
      The biggest problem is that the production cost is insufficient.
      My wish is that this Director’s cut is well sold so I can arrange the production cost of the Supergirl….
      Well, Let’s see what happens ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. SGFAN


    Apologize if you’ve mentioned this elsewhere but thought I’d ask. The director’s cut of WW 77, what’s going to be different/expanded in this version?

    1. wildkat

      Thank you, SG fan!
      Oh! do not be sorry.
      Rather, I’m sorry I can not communicate with you often.
      Here are the additions to this movie

      โ€“ Perfect Ending.
      โ€“ Story added more than 15 minutes.
      โ€“ Another angle.
      โ€“ The original footage of an unedited version of the peril scene that many people prefer,
      such as the chloroform scene.
      โ€“ Add the behind-the-scenes.

      However, to be honest, I’m making it for the next film.
      Because the production cost of the next film is insufficient.
      So I’m sorry for you guys. This is not a new film.
      But I have to do my best!
      Making a better movie is the best thing I can do for you guys ๐Ÿ˜€

      1. rpardojr2205

        Dont need to worry or shame,
        your work is really fine, and iยดll support your works.

        Iยดll wait for your next releases!!!

        Really a shame to know that she retired from films but she had her reasons.

      2. U

        Does Wunder Woman win at the end? Or does the villain win? The preview you previously posted showed Wunder Woman taking off her belt and fighting the villain outside. Is that in the ending?

  4. Bahamut

    Excuse me for asking wildkat, since you mention you don’t know when SG project will be released does this mean it will hold your other release too such as WW 1977 2nd season ? I understand that budget is huge issue that’s why you said hopefully this director cut will make $$ so you can release SG movie but does that also mean future releases can be just scrapped or not released due to poor sales ?

    1. wildkat

      I can’t say anything yet but 2nd season is all I want to make, so I will do everything I can.
      So let’s see what happens.

  5. wildkat

    I have finished all the work and are now uploading it to the server.
    I expect to be uploaded at dawn, Do not wait and recommend buying on Saturday.

  6. bart

    You can’t make the money as your incapability, tut tut.
    So, you’re also gonna make lame excuses, right?, tut tut.

  7. bart

    Hey, there are 2 barts on this forum. I can write properly and I love Wildcat. The other bart can’t write well and is angry. Nice bart and evil bart

  8. wildkat

    I apologize for the inconvenience.
    There seems to be a problem with the server side.
    I solved the problem by sending an e-mail to all the people who had problems.

    The current download page is temporarily blocked.
    I will solve the problem as soon as possible.

  9. yeunghenry1121

    I have seen the movie and Ms Jae performance is awesome especially for the chloroformed scene. It’s a pity that she had been retired and I had a dream. If I had her autographed photo, I will be so happy!

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