20 Comments on “Ep 3 released on January 31!”

  1. rpardojr2205

    Great News WK!!!
    will wait anxiously!!!

    Expect a great work as always.
    Still waiting for Wunder Woman 1977 Episode 2 (With same actress pelase!!!)


  2. wildkat

    The release date is Jan 31st, based on Washington.
    I’m currently completing the sound mixing work and will have to continue working until the release.
    The rest of the work is still to finish the mix, video rendering and upload the video to server.
    Estimated time is 9 pm (based on Washington)
    I’m sorry to keep you waiting but please understand that I’m doing my best for a few nights to do this.
    The movie will be released today at the latest.
    However, I hope you will come as soon as possible and come back after 9 pm.

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