Superheroine Dream’s 2017 line up!

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Hi, guys! I’m Wildkat, executive producer of Superheroine Dream.
Thank you for your love and interest in Superheroine Dream.
Superheroine Dream is a place where dreams and fantasies come true.
We can make your dreams come true.
We can make your fantasy a reality too.
You are Superheroine Dream!
We look forward to your continued love and interest,
And let me introduce the works of Superheroine Dream which will be released in 2017!
(I will post detailed postings on each piece of work. Here’s a simple introduction.)

안녕하세요, 와일드캣입니다.
슈퍼히로인 드림을 아끼고 사랑해 주셔서 감사드립니다.
슈퍼히로인 드림은 꿈과 환상을 현실로 만드는 곳입니다.
여러분의 꿈을 현실로 만들 수 있습니다.
여러분의 환상 역시 현실로 만들어 드리겠습니다.
여러분이 곧 슈퍼히로인 드림입니다!
앞으로도 여러분의 많은 사랑과 관심 부탁 드리며,
숨가쁘게 달려온 2016년을 뒤로하고 새롭게 다가온 2017년에 선보일
슈퍼히로인 드림의 작품들을 소개 하겠습니다.
(차후에 각 작품마다 자세한 게시글을 블로그에 올릴 예정입니다. 여기선 간단한
소개 정도로만 하겠습니다)

1. Wunder Woman 1977 ‘Director’s cut’

– Perfect Ending.
– Story added more than 15 minutes.
– Another angle.
– The original footage of an unedited version of the peril scene that many people prefer,
such as the chloroform scene.
– Add the behind-the-scenes.
– Released next week. (Accurate release date later notice)

– 완벽한 엔딩
– 기존보다 15분 이상 추가되는 스토리
– 다른 앵글
– 많은 사람들이 선호하는 클로르포름 장면 등 페릴씬의 무편집 오리지널 푸티지가 삽입될 예정.
– 비하인드 씬 추가
– 다음 주 발매 (정확한 발매일 추후 공지)

2. SG project

– Finally Superheroine Dream’s first SG project.
– It is the largest of all Superheroine Dream project, with spectacular images and special effects.
– The quality is comparable to the original TV series.
– A beautiful actress, strong villain threatening the superheroine, good story, top quality costume,
many locations, spectacular special effect comparable to the TV series and many peril scenes (including the kryptonite scene)
– Released in 2017.

– 드디어 슈퍼히로인 드림의 첫 SG 프로젝트.
– 슈퍼히로인 드림의 모든 프로젝트 중에서 가장 큰 규모를 자랑하며, 스펙타클한 화면과 특수효과 등
오리지널 티비 시리즈와 비교해도 손색없는 퀄리티로 만드는 것이 목표인 작품.
– 아름다운 주연 배우, 주인공을 위협하는 강한 악당들, 훌륭한 스토리, 최고 퀄리티의 코스튬, 수없이 많은 로케이션,
티비 시리즈에 버금가는 화려한 특수 효과, 강하고 사악한 악당들에 의해 만들어지는 많은 페릴 장면들.(크립토 나이트 등)
– 2017년 발매 예정.

3. Wunder Woman 1977 2nd Season.

– This work has not been filmed yet. The above sample image is the image from the test shooting.
– A whole new actress.
– This actress met at the audition hall of the SG project, which was a perfect match for WW rather than a SG,
so she cast it in the Wunder Woman role separately.
– Her performances are the most fantastic I have ever met. She will be the best WW.
– The main villain in this work is the creature that moves only the brain and a dark version of WW with powerful powers.
– Scheduled to shoot in mid-April.

– 아직 촬영에 들어가지 않았음. 위 샘플 사진은 테스트 촬영용 필름의 이미지.
– 배우는 기존의 배우가 아닌 전혀 새로운 배우.
– 지난 슈퍼걸 프로젝트의 오디션에서 원더우먼과 완벽에 가깝게 어울리는 배우를 만나 슈퍼걸과는 별개로 캐스팅을
진행하여 이루어진 케이스. 그녀의 외모와 퍼포먼스는 환상적.
– 샘플 사진을 보면 알 수 있듯 지금까지 이 업계에서 표현한 그 어떤 배우보다 원더우먼 특유의 우아하면서도 아름답고
강한 정신력을 표현하는 최고의 배우.
– 메인 빌런으로는 뇌만 살아 움직이는 악당과 원더우먼과 동일한 힘을 가진 다크 버전의 원더우먼이 등장할 것.
– 4월 촬영 예정.

4. Wonder Woman XXX (adult version)

– It is finally an adult version of Wunder Woman that many people have been waiting for.
– While retaining all the advantages of existing Superheroine Dream, (The superheroine and the villain in conflict,
many locations, good story, peril scenes made by strong villains…) there will be a scene for adults only.
– It will be released in winter 2017.

– 드디어 많은 이들이 기다리고 기다리던 원더우먼의 성인 버전 작품.
– 슈퍼히로인 드림만의 특징인 훌륭한 시나리오와 갈등 관계에 있는 주인공과 악당, 많은 로케이션 장소, 멋진 액션, 사악하고
강한 악당에 의해 절체절명의 위기에 빠지는 페릴씬 등은 유지하면서 거기에 농도 짙은 성인 만을 위한 장면을 넣을 것.
– 기존의 배우가 아닌 전혀 새로운 배우가 원더우먼을 연기하게 될 것.
– 2017년 겨울 발매 예정.

The above works are Superheroine Dream’s lineup to be released in 2017.
I will post a blog post about each work in the near future and discuss more details.

이상의 작품들이 2017년에 발매할 슈퍼히로인 드림의 라인업입니다.
말씀드렸듯 추후에 각각의 작품에 대한 블로그 게시물을 따로 올려 좀 더 자세하고 많은 정보를 알려 드리겠습니다.

92 Comments on “Superheroine Dream’s 2017 line up!”

  1. Sean

    cannot wait for supergirl I really hope the kryptonite scene is long and she can really give a surprised and shocked expression with the wide eyes!

  2. nome

    Thought supergirl’s costume was quite invulnerable, but it looks like the pantyhose are prone to damage after all. 😀

  3. rpardojr2205

    Excellent News, will wait for your movies!!!
    Any chance for a crossover between SG and WW 77?


  4. rpardojr2205

    Or maybe a crossover in WW77 with the first and the second actress?
    Multiverse concept? that will be original in movies.

    Hope good news from your projects!!!


  5. SG FAN

    Awesome! Wildkat I can’t wait to see that Supergirl vid! I love the design you did for her S-shield, it’s still recognizable but has a real alien design to it, signaling her other world origins. The actress looks great both in and out of costume, should be an awesome movie.

    Definitely excited about a crossover idea too!

      1. alucard

        winter 2017 will end this sunday and this sunday marks spring of 2017? you will release this in few days?

  6. nome

    BTW, how does the SG transform? Does she rip open her blouse and then the boots (and the rest of her costume as SG) magically appear on her?

  7. yong137

    Is the bad ending for the 1977 director cut version? Really hope to see ww been defeated in the end , thank

  8. bestialinvasion667

    The WW actress looks magnificent!

    An adult version of WW? Interesting. I wonder what it will be. Violence? Strong violence?

  9. mannthemoon

    This is really exciting wildkat and you are making a spot for yourself as the leader in this space. I look forward to your 2017 line up. I hope that SG will be in great weakened peril and vulnerability. I also hope that heroine the XXX video is tough, gets the upper hand, and then tables turned and the sadistic villain(s) has his and/or her way with our heroine. I will be saving my money!

    1. wildkat

      I also like bad endings.
      But I can’t use that method without blindly.
      It’s a very shocking scene, so I have to use it accordance with a casual relationship.
      This is my way of dealing with the work.

  10. Geo10

    Looking forward to all of this Wildkat! You produce amazing stuff. And I also LOVE how SG’s pantyhose are ripped and she looks dirty. That’s hot!

  11. ttn1987

    in comic, they had a lot of head ko or neck chop with wonder woman or another superheroine. I think you you should make some scence head ko or neck chop with your wonder woman or another superheroine, because most of asian men love them. Thanks

  12. Delmontpeach

    I want to see lots of pretty wonderwoman 🙂
    But, l want to see pretty and sexy many villainesses more,
    Can you make a flim that have scenes about fight between wonderwoman(or supergirl) and sexy villainesses 🙂

  13. bestialinvasion667

    When you mention deep sex scene is this going to be porn? I’m not a fan of this. I prefer good action with good peril.

    1. wildkat

      To be precise is not porn.
      Above all, porn is illegal in Korea.
      I want to make an erotic movie.
      I’ going to add all the scenes you like and even add erotic scenes there.

  14. mallaww

    Oh man, the new ww that appears on the pictures above looks gorgeous… I am looking forward to see her in action.
    (waiting of course on ww77 second part too)

  15. wildkat

    I’m working hard now, but I can’t confirm it yet.
    But I will try to release it as much as possible this week.

  16. M

    I would love to watch and pay to see a reenactment of two Wonder Woman episodes, ( Wonder Woman Vs Gargantua ) and ( The man who could move the world ) .

  17. narud21540

    Hi, wildkat. I appreciate all your effort to make these heroine movies.
    I think your work in this year is awesome in several aspects such as performance, actress, and costume. I’ll expect more specific information of your work soon 🙂
    BTW, I have questions about SG project.
    First, the costume of supergirl looks good, but it looks similar to recent supergirl TV series (Of course, it’s just a personal opinion)
    Is there a possibility to use original supergirl costume (used in supergirl movie at 1984) in further series of supergirl?
    Second, What is major peril scene in SG project? (e.g Kryptonite, Overwhelmed by power)

  18. waterful

    Wildkat, it seems that there is some problem on producing WW1977. I enjoyed your previous movies and I really want to see ww1977 as soon as possible. I am checking your website everyday, but sometimes it makes me exhausted because the release of that movie is delayed. I understand that you may have difficulties on making movies. So I recommend you to make movie first and announce the release of movie later. After you’ve completely done with the movie, you can announce that “I will release the movie tomorrow.” In my opinion, the customers would be happy because they can get the movie really quickly after your announcement, and also you will also be freed from the stress that you have to make and release the movie due to the announced date you previously mentioned. Anyway, cheer up and hope to see your new movie soon!

  19. bestialinvasion667

    The WW actress based on the photos looks magnificent. Very good. It will be very interesting these movies

  20. Pity

    Because you’re that lazy, the viewership goes down to the bottom. You should’ve been guileless. You are all talk and no action.
    You have already lost our trust.

  21. Bambam

    I’m just confused on with all this future releases but looks like nothing ever happen accordingly . according to your blog wildkat that you will release the director cut next week from original posting of march 7 , it’s been almost a month after and nothing happen or we seen any updates, not sure what’s going on or if you just making this release date excuse as time goes by? It seems unprofessional, but it would be nice if we can hear any updates or what cause the delay . You have been over promising something which clearly pass the deadlines . Didn’t mean to sound rude

  22. destroydarna

    cut him some slack guys. do remember that sales results are important for him to be able to move on with the other work. and lets hope mask of kashnaktu ep3 will do well. i suggest that we give kildkat more time.

  23. Burt

    Let’s take a deep breath. As consumers we want the best and we want it yesterday. When someone says “I have a product I plan to release in a week” we want it in 3 days. When it doesn’t arrive we complain. Wildkat productions are in Korea. I’ve lived there. What we may think as simple are not the same in other countries. I’ve suggested to Wildkat to refrain from answering posts and focus on his product. Waterful posted the same on the 22nd. I do not know Wildkat, I’ve totally enjoyed his/her movies so far, and I am extremely excited over the upcoming SuperGirl production. I can wait. I know Wildkat will post a preview or teaser when the time is right. In the mean time, I will support their efforts by purchasing their movies or contributing an occasional $20 when I get the opportunity. Let the flowers bloom, the snow melt, and SuperGirl suffer greatly the pains of green K!

  24. wildkat

    I’m sorry that work has been delayed. I think there was a small misunderstanding.
    I told you I’ll notify you later when the correct date is set, it seems that things have not progressed smoothly in this part.
    It happened because I wrote down next week’s release….it’s my fault.
    From the conclusion, I’ll release a director’s cut this week or at least until next week. (I think I can tell you exact date by this Thursday)

  25. wildkat

    I don’t want to make an excuse but I don’t want to disappoint you guys who like my work.
    But I want you to know one thing, I have a lot of works to do on my own.
    Making a movie requires a lot of processes and expertise, which means a lot of times and money.
    There are a lot of things I have to bear, life is tough…I have to do other jobs to make a movie.
    My goal is to make and sell a movie and to recover the cost of the next movie but this is just wishful thinking.
    I have to do other jobs to make my next movie and run my site Superheroine Dream.

    I have no desire to write about how hard I am. In the end, where is there an easy thing in the world?
    Moreover, this is my choice and I love my job.
    But I want you to know when you point to professionalism or laziness, there is something lacking in me.

    It is still small and slow, I walk along my own path and I’m growing a little bit.
    I hope please keep watch on me.

    1. kaptureme

      You do not have to make excuses, honestly they are not excuses, just the facts. I have said before, I think the only thing you really need to improve on is your communication. Your work is amazing, and the attention to detail that you are describing really shows in your products. We all appreciate that. Just try to put notes on the site more frequently telling us what you are up to, and how things are going. Doesn’t have to be long and drawn out (like my posts), just something to let us know you are still around. When you say you think you are going to release something over the weekend, then don’t, and don’t post anything for 3 weeks, that is when people get frustrated. That is all you need to do, just say hey, still working on it, need more time because I am a one man show after the filming is done. Those of us that have seen your work know it is worth the wait, and we will be here in the end when its released. Keep up your amazing work, and if you can, just check in with us a little more frequently, and only announce a date when you are pretty sure you can hit it.
      Thanks for everything you do!

  26. wildkat

    작업이 늦어져서 죄송합니다. 작은 오해가 있었다고 생각하는데, 전 정확한 날짜가 정해지면 이를 추후에 통지한다고 말했으나 이 부분에서
    전달이 매끄럽게 진행되지 못한 것으로 보이네요.
    물론 제가 ‘다음 주 발매’ 라고 적었기 때문에 벌어진 일이지만…전적으로 저의 잘못입니다.
    결론부터 말씀 드리자면, 이번주나 늦어도 다음주 안 까지는 디렉터스 컷을 발매할 예정입니다. (아마도 정확한 날짜는 이번 금요일 쯤 말씀드릴 수 있을 것 같네요)

    변명을 하자는 것은 아닙니다만, 제 작품을 좋아해주는 여러분들을 실망시키고 싶은 마음은 없습니다.
    다만 한가지 알아 주셨으면 하는 건, 저 혼자서 해야 할 일들이 너무 많다는 겁니다.
    영화를 만든다는 건 (그 규모의 크기에 상관없이) 많은 프로세스와 전문성을 요구하는데, 이는 곧 많은 시간과 돈을 뜻합니다.
    제가 부담해야 할 것들이 많은데, 현실은 녹록치가 않고 저는 영화를 만들기 위해 다른 일까지 하고 있는 상태이죠.
    영화를 만들어 팔고 다음 영화의 제작비를 회수하는 것이 저의 목표지만 아직은 희망사항에 불과합니다.
    제가 계속해서 다음 영화를 제작하고 슈퍼히로인 드림을 운영하기 위해서는 다른 일까지 해야 합니다.

    여기서 제가 얼마나 힘든지에 관핵서 구구절절 이야기 하고 싶지는 않습니다. 따지고 보면 세상에 쉬운일이 어디 있으며 더군다나
    이건 제가 선택한 길이고 전 저의 일을 무척 사랑하니까요.
    다만 저에게 프로페셔널리즘이나 게으름을 지적할 때, 아직은 저에게 이런 부족한 부분이 있다는 것을 알아 주셨으면 합니다.
    아직은 작은 규모고 느리지만, 나아갈 방향을 확실하게 알고 묵묵히 걸어가며 조금씩 성장하고 있습니다.
    그러니 믿고 지켜봐 주셨으면 좋겠습니다.

  27. Don Lebo

    Hey, give WK a break. He’s working his ass off to finance and make these things, and so far, he’s offered us some great entertainment and his stuff is top notch. We all love his work, obviously, or you guys riding his back about being slow, wouldn’t be here in the first place. From the looks of it, what he has coming up, will be awesome and our patience will be rewarded.

  28. asukaoffreedom

    Hi wildkat. I do have some requests on SG film if possible. Is the man in black in SG images the final boss? I ask this because i prefer interactions between SG and a female villian like in previous WW films. A girl villian as the final enemy or in kryptonite peril scene would be really nice.
    Also except kryptonite, in comics a villian called Parasite who can absorb superheroes’ power by touching them may be a good choice to be added in the SG film with supergirl peril scene after supergirl’s power is absored and powerless… Also it would be better to turn this villian to be a female if possible…
    Finally i really enjoy your excellent and amazing work. You’ve been doing extremely well. Thank you.

  29. rpardojr2205

    Hi Wildkat, please dont forget to update us with videos like you done with your previous films.
    Also please update your Youtube page,
    it will be nice to see something new from you upcoming works.


  30. wildkat

    Thank you for feedback everyone!
    I hear all your opinions, thanks.
    I will announce it to you after all the work, and it will not take long.
    By this time next week, you will hear good news.

  31. killermitrix

    Hi WildKat, what about making a new costume for WW? Since you made a more modern costume for SG, why not for WW as well?

  32. mallaww

    please keep the 77 tv serie ww costume. There are plenty stuff out there with the modern costume… Apologies Killermitrix, but I am fan of this page because the style he had given, 77 style… Linda Carter ww style

    1. killermitrix

      It’s okay though, no need for apology. Well if it is about 77 ww style, then my request seems to be unreasonable.

      1. wildkat

        Why not!? I have a lot of ideas and I want to make many versions of WW.
        Cathy lee crosby style, 77style, swim suit or motorbike style, cape ver, star sapphire and even 2017 version)
        If there is a reasonable demand, I will make it. (again, the important thing is demand!)
        However, my favorite style is 77 style 😀

  33. wildkat

    Sorry guys, I need more time.
    But I’ll upload a video on Youtube that you’ll love soon.

  34. shl1994

    Hope that the dark version of ww has a smart and ww the same brain,Rather than only a strong force。Hope the dark version ww is smarter than the protagonist

  35. anonymous

    Hi wildkat, no update news since its been half a month and no updated news.
    We all our fans are looking forward with your progress.
    We really hoped that you can share at least a trailer or video on youtube,
    it will actually relieve your fans’ curiosity.

  36. neobahamut

    its sad to see no progress and updates, future projects seems promising though but never meet any deadlines or expected releases. I’m sure wildcat has his reasons but still

  37. Ravenclaw Sorceress

    Yeah, Don Lebo’s right. Wildkat needs more time to make perfect movies. Probably a month or more…

  38. LastBonita

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  39. BestBeth

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