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I can finally see the end of my long journey.
Not all these journeys are over yet, but you will be wondering what treasures I have brought.
So I will have time to answer about the things you are curious about in this movie.
If you have any questions about me and my movie, ask me anything!
(Please note that I can not comment on duplicate questions or confidential matters inside the company)

드디어 긴 여정의 끝이 보여갑니다.
아직 모든 여정이 끝이난 것은 아니지만, 이쯤에서 여러분들께 제가 긴 항해 후에 얻은 것들에 대해
답변하는 시간을 갖고자 합니다.
저와 제 영화에 대해 궁금하신 것들이 있으면 무엇이든 물어봐 주세요!
(단 중복되는 질문이나 회사 내부의 기밀사항 등은 말씀드릴 수 없다는 점 양해 부탁 드립니다)

133 Comments on “Ask me anything! (updated photos)”

  1. This looks fantastic,Wildkat! Besides that enemy robot and natzi wonder woman,will she be also battling any monsters or creatures,as well? When will you be releasing this awesome adventure? Continue the excellent work!

  2. Thank you, satin! Yeah, she will fight against this huge laser canon.
    The release date is before Christmas, not sure. Because larger the scale of the film, the more post-production is required.

  3. Amazing news wildkat, looks awesome.
    Please tell us how much time the movie will have? And there will be 3 enemies fromo season 1 and 2 from the tv series (fausta, robot and the laser cannon?


    1. It will be about one and a half hours. It will come in three parts.
      The battle of Wonder Woman enters each part at least once.
      There are two more villains. Mad Scientist and Brain(monster).

    1. The Supergirl is still unfinished. There are many reasons, but the project cost more than I expected. (This is not to say that the Wonder Woman project cost less than a supergirl) and if I had completed the Super Girl this time, Wonder Woman could not have come out forever.

    1. Sure! A female villain stronger than Wonder Woman always excites me.
      Whether it’s a cyborg, an extraterrestrial princess, or an inner dark part of Wonder Woman.
      I want to handle it properly. On a larger scale.

  4. I was in China read Korean, has been looking forward to this work. Hopefully, we’ll release photos and previews, and hopefully release it as soon as possible, and we’re proud of the people like you in Republic of Korea. Thank you for showing us the good works!

    1. Of course, bro! That’s one of my final goals, and I’m paying attention to make the best work.
      I did not take it lightly, and I waited for myself to grow.
      Now I feel I am ready for all of myself.
      Although it is a little late, do not be in a hurry bro. Life is not speed, but direction.

    1. She is amazing. She looks like Wonder Woman itself. I was also honored to work with her. When the time comes you’ll know her name and sns.

  5. maybe the Nazi wonder woman can use WW magic belt to defeat her or do some bad things instead of just taking It.I hope Nazi WW can put on WW magic belt.

    1. Okay, let’s be clear. Wonder Woman comes before the Supergirl.
      With Wonder Woman’s revenues, I will end up shooting the rest of Supergirl.
      I promise one thing. Supergirl is my next project unconditionally!

    1. Of course!
      I have many ideas, like the original Supergirl (1984), Cat Woman, Batgirl …
      but I think of the original superheroine among them.
      Something that is more Korean but something that people around the world might like.
      Okay, Let’s see what happens.

  6. Wildcat, you do have a unique vision in your productions. I think they are really great. There is always a shocking element to your videos that you do very well. I just wish you could produce a video each month. It takes too long for each of your vids. But I will buy all your WW videos whenever they come out. They are so beautiful.

    1. Thank you very much, Bart! Your encouragement is a great strength for me.
      Yea, I also know my strengths and weaknesses.
      Some people tell me, ‘Why do not you do like others? then you can get more work and more money’
      I know the easy way. I know how others are working.
      I do not choose the easy way. I do not take my job lightly.
      What I do now is my dream. I am proud of my work and I have a sense of mission.
      For this job, I have worked from the bottom of the film industry.
      I do not think of my job as a simple money making level.
      I want to put my passion and soul into this work, and I want to prove it with it.
      I will go my way for you who support me.

  7. Hello Wildkat,
    Two photos’ background are in ancient Korea and the actress seem to wear the gorgeous version of wonder woman uniform, Is it the memory of judgement from outer space?

    1. Good question, faylobit!
      The name of the dress is ‘Hanbok’. Hanbok is Korean traditional costume. It is very beautiful and elegant.
      I wanted to let you know about Korea through my movies, and someday I want to use them to make movies.
      In this movie, it was used to recall the happy hour of the protagonist.
      It does not return to another dimension or past.

      1. Thanks Wildcat,
        Because of the blue with the star of lower part of ‘Hanbok’,I think that this is the wonder woman’s uniform。

    2. Hey faylobit!
      I am so surprised to see you here. You have uploaded a high-res clip of Indonesian “Super Girl” onto Youtube a couple of years ago, and that’s by far the best quality clip I could find on the internet regarding that show. I was wondering if you have more episodes available, and if you do, could you please kindly share more clips. Thanks!!

  8. This looks really good. I think this will be better than Supergirl. I think Supergirl has a lot of catching up to do.

    The videos look amazing.

    1. Thank you, bestialinvasion667!

      ‘Let’s grow a bit more than last time, Don’t stop!’
      This is my belief.
      This Wonder Woman will be better than the last SuperGirl, and the next SuperGirl will be better than Wonder Woman.

  9. I like seeing the strong WW. Very tough, beats up the bad guys then gets into some peril where she is caught, captured and tortured. Looking at the videos this is looking very sweet.

    Looking at the videos I would like to see more WW with this same actress. More and more.

    1. In all media, ‘narrative’ is very important. Whether it’s a drama, a music video, even porn.
      I think “narrative” is the most important thing in movie because it is clear that the ‘story’ that the director wants to tell the audience.
      Here is a very famous saying.

      “Do you want to tell the tragedy? then fill the rest with comedy.
      Do you want to say comedy? then fill the rest with tragedy. ”

      It’s a very simple statement, but many people in the industry overlook it because it is difficult and requires more investment to do so. This industry should not stop in order to further develop.
      They have to stop taking cosplay shows the same way each time, It is important to convey the story itself to the audience.

  10. Thank you for your dedication and passion. Appreciation and respect. I always wanted to see top class fight scenes and brutal superheroine deaths. Hopefully you have it in this one. But I won’t be disappointed if you don’t have it this time. Wish you all the best. Take care

  11. This looks so darn AWESOME!!! The new WW looks so gorgeous and very talented. I do have one question I noticed she is laying face down. Will there be any face down scenes on the video? Those are my favorites! ? Keep up the amazing work

  12. Thanks a lot! Truly, your videos are the best quality ones out there. And your answers to our questions are very helpful.

    One more question – does the Nazi WW appear in the first, second, or third part of the movie?

  13. Nice job Wildkat, do this movie have full kinds of ko scence of Wonder Woman, such as Neck chop, head ko, chloroform, sleepy gas and drunk. Do you think you will do a movie with full of koed kinds of Wonder Woman

  14. Hi have you considered doing a reenactment of any episodes from the 1970s Wonder Woman series ? if you re ever considering it could you please do a reenactment of the episode The man could move the world ; Id be happy to give a small donation towards the cost if it to be reenacted, its always the one episode from the 1970s series Id love to see a reenactment of .

    1. I like that episode too. But I can not make a definite answer right now.
      The reason is, as you know, it takes a lot of time and money to make a movie.
      But who knows? Let’s see what happens 🙂

  15. All right, friends. I think I have a satisfactory answer to every question. I will try to have a lot of time like this in the future.
    I just updated the photos that you might like. See ya! 😀

    1. Thanks fot the update, the new pics looks really amazing!!!
      Reminds me from the Lynda Carter Wonder Woman TV Series a lot,
      also have foes from de WWII Series!!!

      Hope you´ll realease the movie really soon.

  16. The first picture was wonder woman is a mask around his neck Le dizzy? And the pictures I gave you made me wonder that wonder women were in great danger. Feel high quality, refuel
    Wildkat, I’m really waiting for the day when you released the film.

  17. May I ask what is the location of the scene which the actor and actress wore Korean Traditional clothes, is it near Gyeongbokgung?

  18. I cannot wait to buy your movie Mr. Wildkat!! I hope that the Wonder Woman will be electrocuted and at some time forced to kneel before her master or mistress. I also hope that some future wildkat movie WW will lose some clothing as she is captured.

    This WW is a beautiful actress and the best WW yet!

  19. The cover photo for this set is a classic. Great WW peril shot, beautiful actress. You keep turning out beautiful actresses playing the superheroines, and doing amazing jobs. I cannot wait to view the next release. I am sure it will be amazing.

  20. Love your work and Wonder Woman , but ever thought about doing darna? She’s a Filipino heroine and for some reason no one does this character. I think withthe way you handle heroines I think it would be great. Just a suggestion haha but keep up your good vids. Peace

  21. Saw a reference to “the last Supergirl” in one comment. Is there an already released Supergirl film one can buy? If so, where can one (I) go to buy it?

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