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Hye-Soo LEE’s(Wunder Woman/Da-Na) Instagram –

Soo-Bin AHN’s(Ji-Soo) Instagram –

Gun-Gyu PARK’s(Blank) Instagram –

41 Comments on “Behind the scene!”

  1. Wow!! Thanks so much for uploading a ‘behind the scene’ video and pictures, Wildkat. Great to see them rehearsing their lines. Hye-Soo Lee is such an incredible beauty and talent, same goes for Soo-Bin Ahn, The instagram accounts are such awesome treats as well. So excited for Ep2 already! Hoping for it to be shown soon.

      1. BTW, Starting from EP.2, Will there be new enemies of Wunder Woman or Blank to be revived ?? I am not asking you to provide spoiler but just wonder about her new opponent.. O_O ;;

    1. OMG. I dont know the reason why I have missed last 10 sec. scene of Ep.1 even though I have downloaded since last week. ㅜ.ㅜ Thanks for reminder !!

    1. It is hard the while at work now.
      Ep 2 is released in late June and the trailer is going to come out ahead of one week of issue.

      It is the task that time is much necessary.
      More editing, more CG, more music, sound, translation, additional filming…
      But please look forward to it.
      Because it won`t let you down 🙂

  2. Im definitely buying ep 2.. By the way whats the plot? It would be great if the female enemy does more beatings to wunder woman 🙂

    1. I can’t answer for sure yet, sorry my friend.
      But I’m still working hard to make a good movie.
      Trust me and pls wait a little longer, thanks 🙂

    1. One which I can tell you, Wunder Woman fights to 2-1 and Wunder Woman is miserable defeat in this fight.
      Sorry, I can’t say anymore. Pls trust me and wait a patience.
      Because it won’t let you down 🙂

  3. Any idea of when we will see at least a teaser for part 2? I really liked the behind the scenes stuff you put out, hope to see more of that in the future too.

    Great work!!

    1. Thank you, Kaptureme!
      I can’t answer for sure yet, sorry.
      But it is becoming close more and more, pls wait a little longer, thanks 🙂

  4. My one comment on the first part is you always want a scene where the heroine is KO’d and helpless at the mercy of the villain. I think the vid was pretty awesome without it, but at least 1 KO is usually in these videos. That is being very picky though, it was a great video. Like I said, I really like some of the other things you are doing with the pictures and the behind the scenes shots. Hope to see more in the future. I also see the KO in part 2 is taken care of. 🙂

    Can’t wait for part 2.

  5. Is the picture on the about us page from Part 2? I see the character on the left side of the picture, looks like one of the villains!

  6. Ya , already looking forward to the next episode so badly over the past few weeks.
    When will the trailer or the Ep.2 to be released?
    Really kills me on waiting..

    1. Sorry for waiting.
      Finished the additional shooting and editing now.
      I need the time little more.
      (Don’t worry, Ep2 released in Mid-July or Early )

      Okay, I will open the screen-shot a little on Tuesday 🙂

  7. Can’t wait to see ep 2. Will it be longer or the same length as the 1st episode wildkat? I’m assuming you also will use same actress as Wunder Woman? ?

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