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1. Da-Na aka Wunder Woman / Hye-Soo Lee




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Da-na is a normal employee of RKDC.
But, she changes into a superheroine, Wunder Woman and fights with the villains when the world is in danger.

다나는 평상시 덜렁대고 실수도 많이 하는 평범한 직장인이지만, 지구를 위협하는 악당들이 나타나면
Wunder Woman 으로 변신해 악의 무리와 맞서 싸우는 슈퍼히로인이다.

2. Blank the Crusher / Gun-Gyu Park



The first level criminal which is caught by a Wunder Woman and gets to go to the prison.
Promised himself to revenge and hatred of Wunder Woman.
His machine arm exceeded the human strength.

Wunder Woman에 의해 감옥에 가게 된 1급 범죄자. Wunder Woman 을 증오하며 복수의 칼날을 갈고 있다.
그녀와 맞서 싸우기 위해 스스로 한 쪽 팔을 기계로 개조해 인간을 넘어선 힘을 가지게 됐다.

3. Ji-Soo the archeologist / Su-Bin Ahn




The archeologist. She have clumsy and timid personality.
Ji-Soo is yearning for Wunder Woman who is confident and beautiful.
But, She has a huge secret….

문화재 연구소의 수석 연구원. 늘 덜렁대고 소심한 성격, 거기에 패션센스까지 꽝이라 남자들에게 인기가 없다.
자신과는 달리 당당하고 아름답기 까지한 Wunder Woman을 동경하고 있다.
모든 면에서 평범 이하로 보이는 그녀에게는 엄청난 비밀이 있는데…

4. Captain Kim / Ji-Hyung Kim

0517 2nd-6 ae1 sound check.mp4_20160522_175603.224

Captain of RKDC.
He is Wunder Woman’s biggest helper.
But he never knows Da-Na is Wunder Woman.

다나의 직속 상사.
다나와 Wunder Woman 의 가장 큰 조력자이다.
다나가 Wunder Woman인 것은 꿈에도 모르는채.

The New Adventure Of Wunder Woman
‘Mask of Kashnaktu’ Ep.1
Coming 5/24


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  1. Wildkat Oh my, you sure found the best looking actress to play Wunder Woman. The first actress is beautiful but the second one is also way too hot. Am I also seeing a possible Wondergirl portrayal for JiSoo? She is a looker as well. Keep up the awesome work Wildkat, you have a real winner of a film 🙂

    1. Thanks always, darna!
      Hye-Soo will be happy if she listens to your word.

      Oops! I will give the talk about Ji-Soo and Wondergirl next time. Because of it is the big secret 🙂

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