Episode 2 Coming August. 9

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Coming August. 9

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  1. we all think wonder woman is powerful。and only by setting trap can get her.
    but…….if we can rebuild a wonder woman who is not that powerful she can be denfended by female robber,thief,even strong students.that would be exceting

  2. I also want to say the trailer doesn’t show everything which keeps the viewer anxious. I think you need to show a little more. Not too much but a little more.

  3. Trailer’s good. Would this be a cliffhanger going to episode 3 or she will be captured in this episode? Please tell me more. Thanks! ☺

  4. Jayemgee – that’s what I’m thinking also. Does the episode end with WW taken or her being captured? Or will we see her captured in the next episode?

  5. Wildkat – awesome. Thanks for confirming. Have you written the script for Ep 3? If not we can give you some suggestion of the captured scene.

    1. I’m still editing now…I was up all night, again and again 🙁
      Probably, I have to stay up all night for release.
      But, don’t worry, I finish until the evening on 9th (in Washington time)

  6. WildKat – I think you also need to advertise your videos more. I only found out pt 2 was released through browsing on the internet. Heroine movies weren’t aware about your movies at all.

    We can definitely give you some ideas for Ep 3 unless you have already planned it.

    1. Thank you for your advice.
      I bring out tomorrow and I will do like that.
      I should edit a finish now Lol 🙂

      Oh, tell me if you have an idea.
      And by the way, I will shoot another Wunder Woman (swim suit version) and SuperGirl (Melisa version) movie!

  7. Wildkat- what I can suggest is have an episode where WW is captured, tied, tortured throughout the WHOLE episode.

    Some ways we can see her tortured, she is tied to a large table, boots removed, bare feet. Maybe a gag as well. So throughout the episode and onto the next episode, we see her in peril until she breaks out

  8. I have a brilliant idea…lets just allow Mr Wilcat to do what he does and continue to produce the best WW videos in the world! Please stop with telling him how to do videos and suggesting porn, torture, gagged, etc. this site obviously is not about that.

    Mr. Wildcat…I am enjoying each video you make more than the last. Continue to do fulfill your and our superheroine dream. You have my full support. One day when you ask us for suggestion, then we may make one. But for now, I love your work. Cannot wait to buy episode 2 today !

  9. I do agree with previous comment from Peter.
    I love what he has done so far, ww77 and new adventures of ww. I would love to see more in the same style, particular with WW.

  10. I agree with Peter and Mallaww. Let this master work his craft and continue producing the best WW videos in the world. Porn, nudity, non-stop torture are available EVERYWHERE. Authentic Lynda Carter / 77-based WW is NOT for a lot of reasons. If you want to see another tattooed stripper in a hotel wearing a $20 WW costume, then there have been about 50 uploaded since I started typing this. Wildcat’s specialty is authentic CBS-era WW and I can’t wait to see how he brings those memories back to life, in true HD once again—-when he’s ready!!

    Wildkat–did you have the costumes & boots made or purchased thru Williams Studio or another source?

    Keep up the GREAT work —-you are THE MASTER!!!

  11. Are you going to upload the movie today?
    You said evening of Aug/9th, but now it is almost 9PM.
    It’s getting late.
    We are waiting fo you.^^

  12. I’m not sure where the whole ‘porn’ thing came from. Have checked all of my comments and there is not 1 mention or suggestion for Wildkat to make a porno. It seems someone has just decided to put words or made this new topic up.

    Also if you do read his comment he did ask for me to make a suggestion. If he likes it he likes it. If he doesn’t, he doesn’t. The suggestion we give are some ideas to look at. This is called being open minded to new ideas. Take what is useful, discard what is not

  13. Congratulations! Great Movies !. However, heroines must win, ever! No more heroines who suffer three hours and beat the villains five seconds! It’s very boring! We want strong heroines and they hit the real villains … very, very hard!

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