For 4K Special Edition Buyers (subtitle file completion)

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=========Updated on April 3rd.=========

If you have purchased the 4K Special Edition, please check your email.
I sent you the English subtitle file of the behind-the-scenes.


I have finished sending download e-mails to everyone who has completed the reservation.
If you haven’t received my e-mail or have problems with downloading, please feel free to email me.

Oh! And for those who purchased the 4K special edition, I will provide the English subtitle file of the behind-the-scene video in a week.

예약을 완료하신 모든 분들에게 다운로드 메일을 보내드렸습니다.
혹시 제가 보낸 메일을 받지 못하셨거나 다운로드에 문제가 있으신 분들은 언제든 제게 메일 주시면
해결해 드리겠습니다.

54 Comments on “For 4K Special Edition Buyers (subtitle file completion)”

  1. When will part 2 be released? Only hope it won’t take another another year.
    And btw, is there any chance of behind the scene of wunder woman re:birth, especially Part 2 and 3?

      1. I’m very happy to receive your reply,I hope you can finish it as soon as possible and take care of your body at the same time.By the way,Will you still upload the behind the scenes of wunder woman rebirth?

          1. It’s hard to say the exact release date now, but it won’t take long. About two months?
            I’m still working on it, so I’ll let you know more information soon.

          2. Just improved the picture quality and added tidbits? Or will there be a new plot?

          3. The first 4K remastered version of the Re:birth series will be Part 3 (perfect defeat).
            As you know, it ended in a bad ending. But I’ll add a happy ending version. And I’m going to add some undisclosed footages.

    1. When I told you about Project Supergirl, I said I would try to narrow the gap between parts 1 and 2.
      My initial plan was to release them at the same time, or it was at least a month later. I actually worked on it like that.
      If you’ve seen Part 1, you’ll understand, but it’s crazy to keep this quality and work on 4K. Furthermore, to have to deal with all this alone…
      Someone might think I’m a lazy person who makes excuses but I’m grinding my whole life into this genre. Health..,..friends,..literally everything.

      Getting back to the point, I honestly don’t know the exact release date of Part 2. All I can say now is that I do my best every day.
      Some people say, You shouldn’t do business like that, all your fans will leave and you’ll go bankrupt. HAHA!

      That may be true but what’s really important is my vision for this genre.
      I don’t care what other people and other companies do.
      ‘If you don’t stop, it doesn’t matter if you go a little slow.’
      The only way to make my vision a reality is to not deceive me.

      Even if what I’m doing now is inefficient and painful for me, I’m on my own way.
      I chose it, and this is my life.
      No one forced me to do it. It’s my choice, and I’ll live a life where I’m responsible for it.

      1. Hii wildcat may I ask does urs project Supergirl have a Headscissor scene like the behind the scene part 3 video where the girl did a Headscissor takedown practice with a man ? Will it include in the movie too?

          1. Oh okay may I know what that moves call in Korea and also hope u will add this move in the future projects

  2. Hello, Mr. Wildkat. Thank you very much for your work. It’s a good shot. Can I ask you two questions? First question, will the 4K reset version of this WW rebith project, like the original version, be divided into three parts? What’s your next question? Is it a 4K remake of WW rebith project, or the second part of super girl? I hope it is a remake of the 4K project of WW rebith. I personally like WW rebith very much and hope to see some new scenes and happy ending versions of WW rebith project. Once again, thank you very much for your hard work.

  3. That’s right, it’s going to come out in three parts, but the first of them will be part 3 (perfect defeat).
    There are many reasons, but the Wunder Woman 4K remaster version will be released earlier than the Supergirl part 2.

  4. Looking forward to it!
    Yu-Jin (Mid-20s)

    Dana’s best friend. She is the greatest comfort for Dana.
    But she is taken hostage by the enemy and used as bait to catch Wunder Woman.
    Will this role come on stage ?

    1. Unfortunately, that part was deleted in the process of preparing the movie.
      But don’t worry, a concept like that will come out again in my future movies.

  5. Besides, what is the good ending? Did the brave Wunder woman win the victory over the-o robot and the Nazi lady? Can you reveal something? Thank you。

  6. We are also sorry about Yu Jin. We don’t know whether Yu Jin is just an idea or has been photographed. If you shoot it, I hope you can see Yu Jin’s content in the gags of the 4K project of WW rebith. I think you have a good idea and made efforts. Although you failed to complete it, it also represents another success. We hope you can share it with us. If Yu Jin is just an idea, I also look forward to seeing this beautiful idea in your future successful films as soon as possible. Thank you, Mr. Wildkat.

  7. Hi Wildkat, will I be able to purchase the behind the scenes or extra footage independent from the 4K remaster? Since I already have the original 1080p FHD version, dont need the 4K main movie, but as we discussed over email, I’m just after the misc/extra footage. Hope you can have that?

  8. Wow, there is a happy ending for WW re:birth part 3? Hope there are some fighting scenes between Wunder Woman and Fausta. I remember there was a little bit fighting practice appeared in one of the behind the scene video uploaded previously on Youtube.

  9. Well one month has passed. How’s your progress on WW remastered version? Do you reckon you still can release it in another month?

  10. Hey WildKat. Since last time you mentioned “two months”, I suppose you could share something now? Even if whatever you now choose to release is not completed, please update something…

  11. There ought to be some outcome by now. Pretty soon half a year will pass from the last time you speak Wildkat. Remastering an already completed film with some editing of BTS shouldn’t take this long.

  12. When can we see “Wonder Woman The first 4K remastered version of the Re:birth series will be Part 3 (perfect defeat) and the happy ending?

    1. Well we are really horny. Waiting is fun to a point, although he is frustratingly silent on progress. That being said, we check back to see those those mighty heros fall so we can jack off to them…imagining a gangbang that ends in a bunch of henchmen glazing the actress’s silky nylon thighs in love juice. If you stop waiting you’ll miss that chance totally….versus maybe in another 6 months when he actually has something for us that was promised :/

      1. We are horny or he’s being cocky? He can’t keep his promises. He doesn’t understand his capability even after failing to keep his proposed schedule again and again for these many years. We understand the project is difficult when doing it all alone. Then you don’t fucking say things like “maybe 2 months”, which is entirely unrealistic and stupid. You see, here’s the routine. He says a schedule, then he just remains silent until he is close to being able to release several pictures (not even a trailer!). After releasing a film, he then complains and whines about how hard it is to work alone and apologizes again and again for the same mistake he made. Then people just forgave him again and again amd he just repeated this routine. Now, with him suddenly pausing SG after part 1 was released, people just forget about him since he went back to the previously released WW. I would wait for the remastered WW film, but I suppose most people would not pay extra to buy this film again even with BTS clips.

        He could have communicated more often and said how much stuff remains to be edited but he chose to keep silent just because he thinks people would lose interest if he talks too much. But now see, the interaction continues to decline. Remaining silent is the key problem here that makes people lose interest and finally forget the existence of this website. But he does not learn. Why would he want to sell BTS clips now? Because he knows the number of purchases is dropping and increasing prices with the BTS is the only way to make some profit. But waht can I say, he;s just too arrogant to change his way.

  13. I honestly think wildkat at this point is just silent to spite all the complainers who post here for months on end. At the end of it all, you all buy from him anyway.
    I regularly check this site for updates and if there are none, I just keep living my life. For some of you it seems your life depends on a release from wildkat.
    It’s obvious that wildkat’s superheroinedream is a side project for him, so it is worked on when he has the energy. You either support that or you don’t. Posting “wildkat do something, or else!” for months on end is just ridiculous. There is no “or else”, you keep coming back every time.

  14. I don’t think you gave it up but how on earth can it take this long to remaster an already-edited film?

    After editing several films from scratch all by yourself and yet it still takes such a long time to remaster a completed film? It just does not make any sense.

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