The First Five Minute Of A Episode 3

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First of all, I am sorry to be posting bad news.
The release of episode 3, which was originally scheduled to be released today,
will be delayed a few days.
Above all, I can not break my promise to you who likes my movie,
and I edited it on an unreasonable schedule.
I tried to match the release date with somehow all night during the last 3 days including today,
Even sitting at the desk because of excessive workload and overworked headaches and dizziness
The situation got worse enough.

At present, Episode 3 is only progressed with sound mixing and refining of the overall detail of the work,
and everything else is done.
The rest of the work will be restored as soon as possible and I will finish it as soon as possible.

For those who waited for the movie, I will reveal the first five minutes of the movie in the sense of apology.
Of course, this is not a substitute for your disappointment,
but I hope it will be a little comfort to those who have waited for my movie.
I will recover my body and come back soon, and I will repay you with a wonderful movie.
I apologize to all those who have waited.


안녕하세요, 슈퍼히로인 드림의 와일드캣입니다.
우선 안 좋은 소식으로 글을 올리게 되어 무척이나 죄송합니다.
원래 오늘 발매가 예정되어 있던 에피소드 3편의 발매가 며칠 미루어 질 예정입니다.
무엇보다 제 영화를 좋아해 주시는 여러분들과의 약속을 어길 수 없어
무리한 일정으로 편집을 강행했습니다만 역부족이었습니다.
오늘을 포함한 최근 3일간 모두 밤을 새워 어떻게든 발매 날짜를 맞출려 했습니다만
무리한 작업량과 과로로 인한 극심한 두통과 어지러움 등으로 현재 책상에 앉기조차
어려울 정도로 상황이 악화되었습니다.

현재 에피소드 3의 진행상황은 사운드 믹싱과 폴리 그리고 전반적인 디테일을 가다듬는
작업 만이 남아있으며 그 외에 모든 작업은 완료한 상태입니다.
남은 작업은 조속히 몸을 회복하여 하루 빨리 마무리 짓도록 하겠습니다.

사죄의 의미로 영화의 첫 5분을 유튜브 페이지에 공개 하겠습니다.
물론 이게 여러분의 실망감을 대신할 수는 없겠지만,
부족한 제 영화를 기다렸던 분들께 조금이나마 위안이 되었으면 하는 마음입니다.
몸을 회복하고 조속히 돌아와 멋진 영화로 보답 하겠습니다.
다시 한번 기다렸던 모든 분들께 사죄 드립니다.


36 Comments on “The First Five Minute Of A Episode 3”

  1. Don’t tell us ‘a few days’.

    You have already delayed ‘over 4 months’, not ‘a few days’.

    And you should’ve prepared it beforehand.

    Anyway, I’m so irritated considering my wasting time ‘over 4 months’.

    Never say the word like ‘a few days’ which is ‘INSECURE’.

  2. Thanks for trying to hit the date, and showing where you are. I think most of us wanted more communication and hope that this movie is coming. I certainly hope it will be here in a few days, maybe by the weekend? It certainly looks promising, as your work consistently has been. I really think communication is key for you, just letting people know what is going on. I think during the 2 month period where you were filming other projects, and posted nothing, people became frustrated, you are seeing some of that. Having Bart spout off about piracy issues is not helping you either, ant that is not a knock on him, people would rather hear from you. I am happy to wait a few more days, and appreciate your effort to put this movie together. I really hope to be watching the whole thing soon. You have a lot of people ready to buy. Good luck finishing quickly.


  3. Wildkat, definitely keep an eye out for your health. I’m looking forward to your continued projects, especially the Supergirl one 🙂

    Thanks for giving us this sneak peek and look forward to the full episode!

  4. Well, How about that? First, You upload the unfinished version of ep3 and make us buy ep3 and download ep3. And second, After take care of your health few days and upload the finished version of ep3.

  5. Well, we will keep waiting… But to
    be honest at this point I was expecting you had released several new episodes of Wunder Woman, new stories, new villains, etc… You have the ball, we can only keep checking for new episodes, but this is becoming more as a forum than video selling site …

  6. my dear friend!take care of your heath and recover your energy!
    and i have a suggestion.
    your movie is great!better than any wonder woman movies else!
    we had seen that you have pay all yourself into the movie.the storyline,the actress,include the special effects,the sound,the shooting,all perfect.
    but this is a movie we all can not watch in a theater.thai is a movie that people who want to f**k wonder woman want to see. so i suggest that you can only build a good story and a actress,as for the anything else that will cost so much money,you can quit it.
    because when we see this movie ,wo just see wonder woman in peril,only this part can get us exciting.
    this is just my suggestion.i think it will low your budget.: )

  7. Keep Calm and wait for Wildcat and episode 3.
    I agree with the previous comment. What we mainly want to see is a good story with WW in peril and being defeated.

  8. You had better not release your film. The movie is never needed to sold.
    I have never seen that person who is not prompt and has dawdling morals.
    ‘A few days?’ Throw it away.

  9. Just curious as to how you are doing, and how things are coming. Hopefully you had a few days to rest and recover. Let us know when you can what you are thinking for the release.


    1. Gee thanks. Not really sure what your beef is with me, but am really not concerned about you.

      I am only interested in how Wildkat is doing, and when he thinks he will release his movie. I don’t really like or dislike you. I would rather you not try to speak for Wildkat, unless you actually have some real knowledge about his situation, that is not clear to me, just that you have an opinion.

      Have a good day.

  10. I will not disappear. I’m recovering a little bit and I’m working constantly.
    All the comments are all read and one by one is engraved in my heart.
    Now what I have to do is act more than words.
    I’ll release my movie this week.

    1. That’s what I’m worried about.
      When will I release when people believe my words?
      So I think I should show it by action rather than words.
      It will be released this week. Without notice.
      This is all I can say.

      1. We believe you. We are all still here because of the quality of your work. Looking forward to seeing the video. I do hope you are feeling better. Maybe you can recharge a little bit once this one is out. You have a few other ones in the works that we are already interested in, and we will be here for those as well.

  11. What the.., you attribute customers not to believe you. This is your fault, not ours.

    Over 1 week… What a ridiculous… Very Very disappointed

  12. Kaptureme, you are my friend. I really like you. I don’t speak for Wildcat. I speak only for Jesus. He is my savior and advice giver. He loves you more than he loves me, so i am a little jealous. I respect you. Are you Ban Ki Moon?

  13. Hi Wildkat
    Please don’t worry about negative comments from people getting impatient. Just post it when it’s ready. All the negative comments will go away once people download the the new episode .

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