Greetings from actors!

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Your sponsorship will be the power to maintain my creative activities and above all
it will be a chance to release this a little sooner.

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41 Comments on “Greetings from actors!”

  1. I don’t understand, you ask for people to help donate in order to release your project, but you then expect the same people who donated pay the full amount of movie with the rest of people who help donate in order to release your movie faster to meet your deadline which you promised before ? That seems unfair . Sorry didn’t mean to sound rude and straightforward but shouldn’t that be the case? Didn’t you properly budget the movie production before ? This happen a lot

  2. 4 days to christmas, any trailer please? i positively think that this project will be postponed, but please show us a trailer of this season. please…..

  3. Zerodragon: The concept of a donation is that it’s an optional gift of money to help make something happen. It’s an optional way for you to help make this movie happen sooner. It’s not a crowd funding campaign or pre-payment. Think of it as a tip jar. A way to say “thank you for making this awesome stuff.” If you don’t feel like that is a thing you want to or can do, then don’t do it. If you feel like you can spare a few extra dollars (in addition to the final price of the movie), then great. Do it.

    When you ask if he properly budgeted the movie, he has already said that he did not. Things ended up costing more than he anticipated. That is absolutely a thing that happens a lot in movies. It’s a bigger deal when the entire movie is being made by one independent person, rather than a big studio with lots of people and financial backers.

  4. Guys. Being negative will produce nothing positive. Try to be more constructive and less angry. I hope Wildcat understands that the angry comments just mean we really love his product and want it ASAP. But, the movie will come when it comes, maybe another year, but so be it. I will buy it when it is released. Merry Christmas everyone.

  5. A deceptive swindler? Are you kidding? Can you not see that the quality of films he puts out require time and money. Yes he doesn’t provide reliable time estimates, that is true. However at the end of the day, when the release comes out, it always delivers. All of his work has been amazing to this point. The actresses are beautiful, and really get into playing the role and delivering a great performance. I too wish they would come sooner. I have asked that he tries to provide more frequent updates and less time estimates. I will always buy what he puts out though, because it is simply better than anything anyone else is selling. I wish it was ready for release now too, but I have learned it will be ready when its ready. When it is, it will be awesome! I can’t wait to see when it is ready for purchase, and I will be one of the early ones buying it as soon as possible.

  6. Movie is good.But he make a very VERY bad budget. I think he should focus all his resources on wonder woman,not SG or other.Especially when he does not have enough money.

  7. Hello Wildcat, could you pls take a film of sailor Venus? I don’t know whether this is allowed in Korea. I’m a sailor Venus fan and buy every movie from GiGa. Giga is an adult sex movie company, their fight looks not true. But I want to see nice fight and ryona. Your company is much better at this point. And your actress is more beautiful. I look forward to see your new film of sailor Venus.

  8. Any news? fine. He will say “Finally, the trailer has been released!, And the film needs to be taken more than a month!”. And after, the film will be later than the scheduled day. He does again and again for the past.
    Really horrible person. I’m fed up with his doing. He always make excuses like saying “Unfortunately, the release will be delayed”.
    For past example, you didn’t finished the “wunder woman season 1” movie and did film the “super girl” movie, although you had filmed all the wunder woman movie. Don’t you remember? I can’t forgive you not to have done the first thing. So, begging for the donations doesn’t make any sense.
    The last thing that I want to say, if you finish Wunder Woman Season 2, Ep. 1, focus on the next episode. DDon’t make other films like “super girl” and so on until you finish this movie.
    Other people donated for fininshing your WW Season 2, not your other films making.

  9. It’s funny that people love Wildcat’s work so much that they get angry when it doesn’t come out on time. We all have a crazy addiction to your work, Wildcat. Your work makes us so excited, we all get so emotional about it. Each person who criticizes you is really saying how much they want to see your work. Keep fighting!!!

    1. Also seems like most people who angrily criticize naively fail to understand that he’s one guy making a fairly impressively produced video, and don’t understand how the release timing/budgeting might differ from a normal movie production.

  10. I guess the reason why people get angry is not because of his work or other matter that relates to movie.

    But it is more to punctuality problem
    The timeline always mismatched with the schedule. And it always happened everytime you want to release a new movie

    My suggestion: better to put TBA
    If you not sure to release the on time better don’t say anything as once people see/hear a news(in this case release date). Naturally as a customer we will expect your product to be released soon. Some customers doesn’t want to hear same excuses and eventually angry (in this case is because they really like your product and expect a new breakthrough )

    PS: you cannot take and granted all the customers are same.
    Some customers are very loyal to you and willing to wait. Some others are not

    I hope this you will hear my suggestion and give a new info as soon as possible

    1. I mean, obviously do what you want.

      To me, bringing up customer loyalty in this situation seems a little silly. I always think of customer loyalty as a choice to stick with a company when you have the option to go elsewhere to get the same thing. Like, maybe my local hardware store is a little more expensive than Amazon, but I still shop there because they have a good service. And repeated bad service would cause me to rethink my loyalty and go to Amazon for the same stuff.

      In this case, this product is more on the artistic side, and you don’t have the option to get this video from another store. So I figure you either want it or you don’t. And until Wildkat is able to finish it (which I trust he is doing everything in his power to make happen as quickly as possible, but again is only one person) it doesn’t exist. And things that fall more into the category of “art” than, say, assembling a car are harder to put a delivery date on, particularly when you have to stretch one person out to do the whole thing.

      So then customer loyalty comes down to how angry you are that the release date is delayed. Seems weird to not want to see the video anymore because the date was pushed back. Disappointed, I can certainly see. Even annoyed that it’s not out when he said it’d be out. But again. One guy. Making a whole movie. Calm down a little. Things don’t always go as planned.

      Be patient and understanding. Cut the guy some slack. Trust that it’s being delayed because he isn’t compromising on the quality and it’s going to be really great when he is finally able to get it out. Understand that he only gave his best prediction of a release date (which, yes, did turn out to be wrong) because people were asking him when he thought it’d be out and he wanted to respond to them with an answer (that I’m sure he thought was right at the time).

      He’s not assembling a car. He’s making a movie. When that’s “done” is up to his personal artistic taste. And the reason we all want to see the movie is because we trust his judgement of what’s “done” based on his past work.

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