The ‘Mask Of Kashnaktu’ Final Episode Trailer

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Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday!!! ๐Ÿ™‚
Finally, the trailer of the last episode was released.
Now I gave up Christmas holiday and I’ll make every effort to release it as soon as possible.
Thanks, I hope you enjoy the trailer ๐Ÿ™‚

50 Comments on “The ‘Mask Of Kashnaktu’ Final Episode Trailer”

  1. Can you give us any idea of what we can expect. We have been waiting 5 months for this release now. We have seen at least three other vids that work has been done on, and all look interesting. The other WW 77 series, and the Supergirl look fantastic, and we look forward to those as well. The other, not sure if its Wonder Girl? She was pretty hot too. We are all mostly waiting on part 3, but really all of your vids. Can you just let us know when we might see one.


  2. I know everyone is waiting for the movie and I’m working on editing so you guys
    can watch the movie as soon as possible.
    The work is almost finished, but it is too early to say the date of finalization yet.
    Because I have not been able to date it once and I don’t want you to be disappointed by my mistake again.
    So I need to speak more carefully.
    But one thing I can say for sure is that it must be released in January.
    Of course, it might be released sooner than I thought.
    I just want to be cautious.
    I will finish all the work and give you the exact dates.
    I’m sorry to keep you waiting and thank you for waiting.
    I’ll always make a movie for you guys, thanks.

      1. By the time I release the movie, I will announce my plans in 2017.

        I have some great news that will amaze you, so you better wait ๐Ÿ™‚

        1. I look forward to it. I really like some of those videos you put out from behind the scenes. We get an idea of how much goes into the production. You and your team are amazing. You also find the most beautiful girls to play the heroines. Can’t wait to see what you have planned.

  3. I’m checking every Friday to see if there is news from this site, but no lucky so far ๐Ÿ™
    I hope we can see soon the chapter three or ww7 part 2. I am looking forward for both of them.

    1. Actually he said by the time he releases his movie, he would announce his plans for 2017 in a later post. So he said he would release in January, then announce his plans for 2017, sounds like he plans on releasing in Jan 2017.

  4. He did not say he would release the movie in Jan 2017. You are making an inference from two different statements. I see why you believe what you do, but he in fact did not directly say that. Hey, i hope the same thing you do, but we’ll see.

  5. I am not even sure why you are arguing this. He says in the first post that he can’t give the exact date, but it must be in January. In his next post he says when he releases the movie he will announce his plans for 2017. So if he must release it in January, and when he does he will announce his plans for 2017, and it is now 2017, what else would you logically conclude other than his plan is to release in January 2017?

  6. bart, I am not stressed at all. If you read my post, I was telling others to not worry, it was coming this month. You are the one that has been acting like you know something the rest of us don’t. So now I am supposed to know if you are kidding?? Whatever dude.

  7. Before leaving a reply, I would like to stated that I know the piracy is a really important issue to address.
    However, there could always never be a 100% guaranteed way to prevent it,
    even such big US film-making studios. Keep stuck by this things for such long time might not be a good choice.
    On the other hands, if you can’t release the ep3. just as you promised in 2017-Jan., I think you could loss more.

    Try analyzed which way will bring the most benefit.

    I just a little bit tired of waiting, and being informed “delay”again and again.
    If it really happens again, I think I might just quit then .

  8. People, give Wildkat a break. He has consistently gave us great product. Good entertaining stories and not the typical boring superheroine bondadge stuff that is just about everywhere on the net. Good actors, fine stories and you people just bitch, because he’s over time. HELLO! This is not his job, it’s his venture. He’s not under time control. I would think if he’s taking time putting out his work, we should be thankful to him and his crew, and happy that we will be getting quality video. He is under no obligation to serve us. If you want faster product, do it yourselves and see what you can offer us. Hello Wildkat. Looking forward to the upcoming offerings. Best to you and your staff.

  9. If you paid for the movie before its release, your complaints about the delay in the movie’s release would be justified. If you did not pay for the movie before its release, your complaints are nothing but impatient whining. Give the producer a break. It’s not as if there are a lot of producers who are producing good quality content in this genre. Don’t bite the hand that feeds.

  10. The date of the release has been decided.
    It’s Jan. 31 (Yea, 1 weeks later)

    Those who criticize me, those who support me, are grateful to everyone.
    Without interest, there would be no criticism or encouragement.
    I can make a movie because you are there.
    But I’m sorry that I can’t follow my skills as you would expect.
    I’ll try harder and harder.
    I’m sorry and thank you!

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