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The New Adventure Of Wunder Woman ‘Mask of Kashnaktu’ Ep.1 Coming 5/24 (Standard of time America)

64 Comments on “more, more”

  1. Hehe, Since from your very 1st article for your upcoming series in this blog, More fans are gathering and leaving their interest more and more..Good shape for your business. I also look forward for Ep.1 to be release as soon as possible so that I can watch!!! Keep running.

        1. Synopsis

          Da-na is a normal employee of RKDC.
          But, she changes into a superheroine, Wunder Woman and fights
          with the villains when the world is in danger.

          Meanwhile, Mask of the queen who was called ‘Queen of Blood and Envy’ is discovered in Seoul,
          Da-na take on a misson that transfer the mask with Ji-soo
          That time, Wunder Woman’s old enemy Blank appears to them for take the mask and Da-na changes to Wunder Woman for fight with Blank
          But Blank was become a Cyborg, Wunder Woman faces serious crisis…

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          2. I know your problem.
            A server is unstable still.
            I will solve in 1 hour.
            I’m so sorry

          1. Junhao? right?
            ok. I will give the mail if a problem will be solved.

          2. It goes well. But I need time. It will give the mail If it will be completed.

    1. Sorry for causing an inconvenience.
      I found the problem of the server.
      I am doing a movie uploading again now.
      It is expected to take about 2 hours.
      Thank you

          1. That’s ok man. I’m still so excited to see it. I know it is going to be awesome! 🙂

          2. Hi, Can you break down this further into dummy format. I mean step by step guide ? incdnliug the Vmfs mounting commands etc – When booting from live cd did you have to download anything – & is it possible with live cd?any help would be good. Scar

          3. “I am a literary genius or something”– I like this one-“Your mother wears army boots”- don’t know what it means?How about this ” I checked everywhere and I can’t find agiveashit anywhere.”

          4. Of course you’re right to say that this is not new, but it’s perhaps amazing how durable it is, particularly in the face of atrocities like now in Syria. But another, and perhaps much more important aspect is that the Western media and political debates usually ignore this “resistance” fixation completely because it seems so irrational — and that is arguably one reason why there are so many illusions about how easy it could be (if it wasn’t for Israel) to have peace and harmony in the Middle East.

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          6. My only problem is the search functionality on the side – Age, Gender, EthnicityThat seems problematic and counter-productive (perhaps vaguely racist)Or am I the only one who thinks like that?

          7. Hi Ari. What luck to have been able to take a photo of her since you've been wanting to do so. I think she looks stunning and quite sure of herself. That look she is is almost as if she is saying, "Hurry up young man, I've got places to go, and things to do." I like her style, the boyish look. She's FAB!! Thanks for sharing.

    1. Sorry, all.
      Having some problems with the server being uploaded the movie.
      But I don’t give up and try my best.
      I’m sorry to have kept you waiting.

  2. This technical problem thing happens normally Wildkat. Its unavoidable and customers have no choice but to wait. Im pretty sure the wait will be worth it. Im so excited already for my purchase 🙂

  3. I would like to make a suggestion for a future episode:
    recreate with actress Lee Hye-Soo, the scene of episode 22 “the murderous missile” for the second season of the adventures of Wonder Woman.
    The villains will remove their bracaletes, his belt and his tiara.
    I think it would be exciting to see wunder woman, chained in the prison cell. no escape.
    That needs to be rescued by RKDC and look at the plight of recovering artifacts to kill the villains.
    (You could even develop this in 2 episodes)
    PS: Hye-Soo Lee is beautifu

  4. Hi, Loved the new movie! I loved the body slams! Any way that you can do a scene with her being lifted overhead? It’s a wrestling move known as a “Gorilla Press”………… And would love to see more lift and carry…..

  5. Remove belt, bracelets, tiara, and boots!! Then she works on getting items back. I let wild kat know a while ago. He was in agreement with a plot he is working on. Can’t wait to see that one! Hopefully he puts a teaser out showing a small clip of each item being removed, then her imprisoned like the first one or in a cell working to get out by using her skill without her items, then she gets them back and fights the ultimate fight and wins! That would be awesome!!

  6. Hallo! Danke für die Komplimente und euch auch ein frohes Jahr 2011:). Es ist zwar nicht immer ganz so rosig, wie es in den Berichten manchmal vielleicht scheint, aber ich versuche natürlich, möglichst viel Schönes mientzuhmen. Liebe Grüße!:) Nina.

  7. I read the mainstream horror authors. I don’t really read “Christian Horror” but feel bad about it because many of the people I call friends are now being published in the genre. If we can call it a genre.And sorry, if you think Ted Dekker is horror–we have a problem with definitions. (much the way people who think Twilight=Vampires)

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