The New Adventure Of Wunder Woman ‘Mask of Kashnaktu’ Ep.1 Coming 5/24

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Hi, all!
It is the first article.
The new film has been released on 24 May.
Title is

The New Adventure Of Wunder Woman ‘Mask of Kashnaktu’

As you can see, Put more action peril than the ‘1977’
So, look forward to our next film.
See ya! and then I will take more information!

안녕하세요, 슈퍼히로인 드림의 프로듀서 와일드캣입니다.
블로그의 첫 글이네요.
저희의 새로운 슈퍼히로인 작품이 오는 5월 24일(한국 기준으로는 25일)
제목은 The New Adventure Of Wunder Woman ‘카쉬낙투의 마스크’ 입니다.

‘1977’ 에서는 저희만의 분위기와 아이덴티티를 보여드리는데 치중해 액션 핀치 장면이 적어
아쉬워하시는 분들이 많았을 걸로 압니다.
이번 작품에서는 이야기를 최대한 간결하게 가져가고 히로인이 강한 적에게 무너져내리는
액션 장면을 만드는데 치중했습니다.
부디 본 작품에 많은 기대 부탁 드립니다.

다음은 스틸샷 등 더 많은 정보로 찾아 오겟습니다.


10 Comments on “The New Adventure Of Wunder Woman ‘Mask of Kashnaktu’ Ep.1 Coming 5/24”

  1. Lookingforward to this episode WildkatK. I hope you get a lot of sale for this and continue to create terrific Wonder Woman movies. You and your staff are all awesome!

    Both Korean actresses who played WW are beautiful and incredibly sexy. Hopefully you can include more pictres of the current actress so that they will be enticed more.

    Just curious, does the bad guy get to do evil things to her? He looks very sadistic. WW is in for real trouble I think. Part2 looks very promising already. Keep up th great work!

    1. Thank you very much! It will be good if it became me your word 🙂

      He uses the electric current come out of the stun gun 🙂

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