The New Adventure Of Wunder Woman ‘Mask Of Kashnaktu’ Ep.3 Now Available!

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Sorry to keep you waiting too long.
Finally, the last episode was released!
It is filled with content that will not disappoint you as long as you wait.
Please enjoy the show! 😀

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33 Comments on “The New Adventure Of Wunder Woman ‘Mask Of Kashnaktu’ Ep.3 Now Available!”

  1. Excellent work as always. Lots of action, great movie!! Thank you, thank you!!

    Hate to say it, but already can’t wait to see whats next!!! 🙂

  2. enjoyed the final chapter , thank you wildkat.

    if I may ask, the trailer at the end, is that wunder woman 1977? will you be using the same character?

    cant wait to hear about your new announcement or project

  3. Wonderful vid Wildkat!

    I really love that your movies feel like episodes of the WW series. It still has some great peril moments but also a good story. There was some great character beats in here at the end, won’t say more for spoilers. But definitely we can see the attention you put into this. Loved the story and vid, can’t wait to see more.

    Now to be just a little selfish, any news on when we might see more or your Supergirl project? Supergirl is my favorite character and to see your team tackle her, I can’t wait 🙂

    1. Thank you, SG fan!
      I’m glad you liked this movie 😀
      Yes, I always try to bring that feeling of original tv series to my movie.
      Of course, it is not easy, Above all, I and my actors and staffs (not that they are not good actors…)
      are Asian and there many restrictions.
      But the movie is a comprehensive art. It’s not just a field to judge by one thing.
      I enjoy the challenge and I will try to go beyond my limit in the future.
      The same goes for the SG.
      I will show you what you have never seen before in this business! 😀

  4. Excellent Final Chapter to an excellent series!!!
    Really enjoy your WW movies, really fine mvies.

    Hope you will continue with Wunder Woman Chapter 2 with the first actress.
    Wainting anxiously for your new proyects.

    Great Job!!!

  5. Hi Wildkat, please dont forget to update us with videos like you done with your previous films.
    Also please update your Youtube page,
    it will be nice to see something new from you upcoming works.


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