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You’ve been waiting for a long time.



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  1. Yes i have finally finished watching it. The new Wunder Woman is so awesome and has tremendous sex appeal. I love her! Im definitely buying episode2, the only down side is waiting for a long period of time…but i do hope it comes soon.

    Lets all support Wildkat, he has done a great job doing this.

    To those who has not purchased it yey, but it and its worth the money 🙂

      1. Wildkat,Remove belt, bracelets, tiara, and boots!! Then she works on getting items back. . Can’t wait to see that one! Hopefully you put a teaser out showing a small clip of each item being removed, then her imprisoned like the first one or in a cell working to get out by using her skill without her items, then she gets them back and fights the ultimate fight and wins! That would be awesome!! Something to think about:-) i’m sure that one will get downloaded alot! If that happens, let me know. I will be the first to download it!

        1. Don’t worry John because I know it, I just know it all about WW. Trust me. I’m a savior of WW’s fanboys.
          Although not now, but you will see what you want. I promise. Show must go on!

  2. The movie is awsome!!!Can‘t wait to’see Ep.2 ! But I have a question about this film,there is no subtitles between 39:40 ~ 4040:53,why??

    1. Sorry. here it is!

      Blank –
      If you approach any more,
      there is no life of this woman
      Back off!

      WW –
      It can’t be…
      Don’t be sneaky anymore and release her.

      Blank –
      It’s not sneaky. It’s the strategy.

      WW –
      It is just our problem.
      She’s irrelevant. So release her!

      Blank –
      Yoe are good at fighting, but not a deal.
      Don’t try to bullshit me!

      WW –
      OK. But, take me hostage instead of her

      Don’t Wunder Woman!

      How can I believe your word?

      Isn’t it I that you want?

      OK. That’s the deal.
      But, take off the bracelet first.
      I can relax without the bracelet what it blocks the bullet.

      WW – Alright. you win.

  3. Amazing production!I cant wait for the ep 2. Thanks Wildkat!
    But because a fault,I pay the ep 1 for three times.Can you repay the extra expenses to me? I set a application to paypal.

      1. I have paid and watched Ep.1 yesterday and would like to put this one into my favorite list (Most of them are ZEN PICTURES’s of Japan actually till now..) Based on fact that this kind of superheroine film is still not popular and familiar in South Korea, I hope Wildcat shall take this opportunity to elevate their reputation in this field and people like me in Korea will be able to quench their thirsry about superheroine’s fantasies as a result of

        Highly appreciate for your efforts to release this film and Hope for 2nd Ep. to be released very soon (with more scene for bearhug!!!)

        P.S. : I dont know when it will be, But if Wildcat plan to release Sailor heroine series, I would be crazy!!!!!

        1. Wow! Thank you so much, ikyozzang!
          Gain strength because I heard your words!

          I’ll do my best in this business!

          P.s- Sailor heroines? Sounds great!! Oops!! but as you know, it will suffer from the Korean law to do 🙁

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