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Long time no see guys!
I think many people were curious my recent condition.
As I told you, I’m still busy shooting a new movie.
Here, I’m going to leave some photos and videos for you guys.
Please understand that I can’t show more than this because of security issues.
But as you all know, I always evolve and develop.
There are still more surprises left to show you.
The shooting ends in mid-December and I’ll devote myself to the
‘1977 director’s cut and Ep 3’
Thanks, next time, I’ll come back to the news of 1977 and Ep 3.
See you soon! 😀

33 Comments on “Recent condition”

  1. True art is about process , not product. So i’m proud that you make productions that you don’t release. That’s the way true art is revealed, only to the producers, not the public. kudos

  2. I appreciate your hard work, unlike some others who are impatient. I eagerly await your next releases, but understand that logistics can be difficult, especially considering your quality of product and vision, if you do not have a big team. Keep doing what you’re doing! Thank you sir.

  3. I have always said your movies are amazing, you are one of the best I have seen at this, and I can say that after only seeing 3 of your movies. I do think communicating with people would help. We may have been impatient, but I could certainly understand that schedules made it so you needed to shoot this before you finished your other productions. I can’t tell if it is true or not that you ever had any piracy issues, you never said. So there just seemed to be this long delay for no reason. I would have at least understood what was going on, and like you have cleared up now, would have know that you would be finishing part 3 and part 2 of the other WW film when this was done. There was just no explanation until much later then episode 3 was expected to be released. You said after releasing part 2 that you were hoping part 3 would be ready in September. Maybe you were not sure of your filming schedule then, but it would have been nice for you to say when you knew, sorry guys I need to do this first, the other movies will be finished, but later than expected.

    That said, I think this movie looks like it is a must buy, you nailed the outfit perfectly. I and I look forward to Part 3 and Part 2 of your other movies. I hope you take this as it is meant, just think communication with your customer base can only help. Your work is awesome, and it will keep us coming back.


  4. Whatever you do please do not forget green kryptonite as Supergirl’s true weakness I want to see you take on a kryptonite weakening scene!

  5. Remember: Show Supergirl using her powers a lot! I love it when heroines use their powers…

    Good to see that you’re making progress. Your Supergirl model is gorgeous!

  6. Awesome! I’ve been looking forward to your team tackling Supergirl and I can’t wait to see it! Looks like your throwing in the same great effort you’ve done for the WW films. I’m so excited to see this and can’t wait 🙂

  7. I realize that there won’t be anything soon, certainly not before then end of the year. Can you give us a general idea of when you think you might release one of your videos, and let us know which one might come out first. From what I have seen, I will get them all, just wondering if you have any idea when something may be available.


    1. If this is such a problem, can you clarify what is being done, or what the problem really is? There are hundreds of other sites that sell this type of product that don’t seem to have this problem, so why is it so difficult for this one? I acknowledge these videos are way ahead of the average site, and I’d even say the are one of if not the best out there. The preview for part 3 looked amazing, and Part 2 was amazing. I don’t know why they are still making movies if there is no hope of releasing them. You can say true art if for yourself, but then why show us anything if there is no intent to share it? He says he wants to be the best at making these movies, and I think that is certainly achievable. Right now his biggest hangup is that none are being released. So he is not getting paid for them, and we are not getting to see them. Nobody wins?? The people that are still here support the work, and look forward to purchasing the videos, we just want to know there is an end in site, and we can expect they will be released again. Its really not fair to say we are not being patient, its been over 4 months since his last release, and more than 2 months later then he said he planned on releasing part 3. We are still here. It looks like there are at least 4 movies he is working on, we’d just like to start seeing them.

  8. Bart = Wildkat.
    According to the Instagram of the actress, WW films were shot in 2014, more than two years ago. I don’t understand the lingering behavior any more.
    Maybe most of your customer aren’t interested in SG but WW. You have just rationalized. And I don’t need to look forward to your movies.
    Stop to tell me to wait for yours. I decided not to be your customer.

    Good luck

        1. I can’t read the language on the site, but I can see where she has been on Instagram since 2014. However it says that picture was posted on August 22, 2016. If you can read the language, and it says something different, then ok. But the picture was posted after the video was released.

  9. Tomorrow’s ‘Mask of kashnaktu ep 3’ trailer will be released.
    I’m sorry to keep you waiting.
    I would appreciate it if you know that I’m doing my best.
    Slander and misunderstanding against me make me feel hard.

    1. Looking forward to the trailer.

      Hope you don’t take anything I am saying to you as slander or even negative. I am only asking you communicate more with us regarding your schedules and issues if the piracy thing is a real problem. Your work is awesome, and I will wait as long as it takes to see it.

      Hope you have a great holiday!!

  10. Please don’t listen to the haters. They are idiots that have no idea how much work you put into this. They want to see your next productions, but mistakenly think that insulting you will speed the process. Don’t worry. I thank you for your hard work and excellent videos! I look for are to your next ones.

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