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Hi, all!
First of all, thank you for everyone.
Without you guys, I wasn’t in this position.
Thank you very much.

I know the many people wait for episode 2.
I also want to show the result to you, as soon as possible.
Because I do like that, (as you know) and am able to make money.
Nevertheless, reason why I don’t release a hurry,
I would like to present the work which is better for everyone.

As a result, you can see the trailer in this weekend.
And a release is to be the early August.
Please excuse me.

As I mentioned before, this is my full-time job.
And I put everything into it.
Though I am young and inexperienced, I will show you that
I can develop and improve as a producer.
I’ll do my best!
Thank you!


19 Comments on “About Release (Last Still-Shot)”

  1. im pretty sure it will be worth the wait. that shot of wunder woman about to pass out is awesome. i cant wait until August. more power wildkat!

  2. Hi, your work is incredible!…Excuse me and sorry before, is there any posibility of Nudity/Adult version of Wunder Woman with same actress?

    1. Thank you for your mention JHF!
      I will make adult ver this series.
      But not this time and not same actress πŸ™
      I wish for your understand.

  3. No need for you to apologize. We are all just anxious to see what you do with this film. Looks amazing so far, and we all just want to see it. When it is ready, you will release it and we all look forward to it.

    Just curious. Were you thinking you would do just Wonder Woman, or other Superheroines as well?

    1. Thank you for understand Kaptureme!
      I’ll make many other Superheroine character movie.
      Especially, Super Girl!
      Blue and red, nice boots and black tights…it’ll be fantastic! πŸ™‚
      I have many ideas for other heroines.
      I’ll definitely make it one by one πŸ™‚

      1. I am with you all the way on SuperGirl, except the black tights. I like to see the legs. Just me, I am sure you get lots of opinions.

  4. Can we see the story about her belt? The situation that wonder woman lose her belt and her power is one of the most popular stories about her peril.

  5. I am looking forward for chapter 2 . You have captured the essence of what a WW peril story is. A plot, good actors and of course actresses, excellent setup and outstanding costume for Wonder Woman (the most important one in this story), good characters and villains .
    I would love to see in the future Wunder Woman deal with other villains, like Giganta (a BBW against WW), gargantua (a gorilla), a monster like Zardor, a gang of bud guy being defeated by WW until the big bad guy shows up…. Anyway, I loved what you have made so far. Thank you.

    1. Exactly!!
      I have so many ideas and scenario for Wunder Woman!
      Giganta, gargantua (yeah! gorilla!!), zardor(my favorite villain), circe, metal Wunder Woman(WW vs Metal WW it’ll be fantastic!), Dr. Psycho….
      Just the thought of it great. I’ll make it! I promise! πŸ™‚

  6. This looks amazing. Best WW series out there by far. It looks real, dramatic. Acting is so much better than the stuff you see out there

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