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  1. Amazing Mr WK!!!
    Please dont forget to update your costumers more often!!!

    The waiting seems to be long but i believe in your hard work and quality from your movies!!!

  2. Wildcat. You put so much amazing work into your movie. Really, you should charge a lot more for your movie so that you make enough money. I would pay 100.000 won for this if you want. No problem. Your work is so much better than any others.

  3. Thanks for the updates Wildkat! I am wondering if you are getting close, or are you still short money? Maybe I can contribute a bit more to help get this completed?

  4. Are you planning to ever release these videos? if so, when… Even if it is for small videos in chapters that would be great. This is all that I ever wanted to see on since the original Wonder Woman shows on the 70s … but with the peril scenes that the original shows lacked of or only offered too few. Thank you!

  5. Willing to pay more to see:
    More demolition belt loses strength stripping boots
    More body pressure is strongly embraced and kissed by the body
    More men and women affectionate passionate expression

    1. No, this is a kind of managing method. Everybody cannot stop waiting for this one. Then some of us will donate for this movie. In fact, the movie has already finished. I can understand what is the author’s feeling. If nobody wants to support my job, I will feel disappoint. If I cannot take money on a product, why I have to do that?

  6. The clips are amazing as always…I personally like the episodic layout…His previous series played like a miniseries and this one looks to up every ante. The Supergirl looks like a one shot…But the Wunder Woman is DEFINATELY keeping my attention…Take your time and do it right…You have my money every time!!

    1. Keep waiting for another 3 months. Just donating for this video, if donation will not reach hundred thousand dollar, keep waiting for another 3 years.

    1. Is the movie is out?we are super curious with this news. Since there is no update yet from the mr wildkat.hope this not a false news

  7. just looked at the youtube channel, it says supergirl is scheduled release summer 2018 on the left comment section. we will see…
    i seriously doubt it since no progress made in this WW season 2.

  8. It is getting ridiculous at this point. Its been nearly 6 months since you have released anything. Are you going to release any of these vids, or are we wasting time??

  9. Just saw you new post , can’t believe you already finish shooting previous WW for long time but still came up w excuse w editing and asking for donations. Unbelievable… I’m guessing this will happen on this new project too and supergirl then ?

    1. I don’t remember him asking for donations for the last movie. Also, who’s to say that it was done even if he did? Editing DOES take time and money, to do it properly. Everyone wants to see his work, because he does the best there is. You complaining and insulting him will not make him release the movie. Why don’t you grow up and stop behaving like a spoiled child.

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