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The New Adventure Of Wunder Woman
‘Mask of Kashnaktu’ Ep.1
Coming 5/24 (Standard of time America)

16 Comments on “Still-shot”

  1. Great joy by crews, actresses and actors! I guess the archaeologist is somehow is a spy, villain and final boss to wunderwoman, and she will make great troubles for her and completely destroy her in the following episodes. I want to see at least wunderwoman will be completely defeated once (custome destroyed and hurt, injury), and strong villains as wunder woman and even stronger would be welcome.

    Btw, how long dose the movie run and is there a opening song like previous wonder weoman?

    1. Wow! Your inference is Amazing! But I don’t tell any more. HAHA!!
      I will give a tip, you will be what you want 🙂

      This movie 40 min more and doesn’t have opening song.
      Thank you!

      1. haha, I hope that she will be encountering with and defeating by several villains (like a criminal group, or flighting aliens), suffering a harsh time in person and doubting by people (real identity revealed by villains and live show with her defeat to public) and finally she comes across the all the troubles (the captain makes wunder woman recovered) and save the world again haha.

          1. I think the photo you had posted under About Us has slightly revealed the identity of the Archaeologist who is on the left hand side with black costume.

  2. It looks like promising and cannot wait to watch the movie so please make this movie available tomorrow as soon as possible. One question for you, How many episodes are you going to produce? I hope it will be long enough!

    1. Thank you, Frederick! Yeah, I am doing my best. Plz, wait little more 🙂
      Uhm… maybe 2 or 3? It is not certain still.
      But, I will make more episode if this film is many sales.
      Thank you!

      1. I am a wunder woman fascinating . I am sure you can get enough sales from great work! In opinion, this actress of wunder woman is hotter then the first one and previous wonder weoman. Hope you can retain her as your wunder woman for following episodes

        1. You fascinating Wunder Woman? me too bro HAHA!!
          Yeah, Hye-Soo is the best actress. She is beautiful, kind…But, All actors are the best actors from me 🙂

          1. As Da-na and wunder woman? It is hard to distinguish it. Love the actress and the better than previous to be honest

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