The New Adventure Of Wunder Woman ‘Mask of Kashnaktu’ Ep.1


Da-na is a normal employee of RKDC.
But, she changes into a superheroine, Wunder Woman and fights with the villains when the world is in danger.

Meanwhile, the mask of the queen who was called ‘Queen of Blood and Envy’ was discovered in Seoul,
and Da-na took on a misson that transfer the mask with Ji-soo.
Just then, Wunder Woman’s old enemy Blank appeared in front of them for the mask,
Da-na changed into Wunder Woman again to fight with Blank.
But Blank has changed into a Cyborg against Wunder Woman, and now she faces serious crisis…

English subtitles, 42 min. and more!


2 reviews for The New Adventure Of Wunder Woman ‘Mask of Kashnaktu’ Ep.1

  1. rbc123 (verified owner)

    The best bearhug scene !!!

  2. saito999 (verified owner)

    Great job! and the actress looks really fabulous in the suit Wunder Woman !!
    One question: is possible to recreate in a future episode, the scene of episode 22 the murderer missile, the American series, where Wonder Woman is sleeping with gas and then shackled in a prison ?.
    and villains will also remove a Wunder Woman, her bracaletes, his belt and his tiara ?.
    I think it would be interesting to see Wunder woman chained in the prison cell, helpless, and that needs to be rescued by someone.

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