The New Adventure Of Wunder Woman ‘Mask Of Kashnaktu’ Ep.2


Ji-soo is barely saved her life when she fell over a precipice with Blank caused by Wunder woman’s mistake.
She was seeking out “Queen’s mask”.
In there, she heard a mysterious voice and she was captured by her illusion.
The illusion wanted to makes her to get revenge on Wunder Woman.
Ji-soo tried to resist, but she lost out on the mask’s will.
Finally, the mask’s seals are broken and it makes her change to ‘Viper’ of jealousy and hate.
So, she makes a trap to catch Wunder Woman for revenge.

At other times, Da-na heard about Ji-soo and changes to Wunder Woman for save Ji-soo.
But she realizes that it is a trap to catch Wunder Woman.
She fights hardly with Viper and Blank, eventually, she is defeated and lose consciousness…

English subtitles, 37min. and more!


3 reviews for The New Adventure Of Wunder Woman ‘Mask Of Kashnaktu’ Ep.2

  1. akura99 (verified owner)

    Very good! This is very nice work! I already want to see EP.3! Can i know the exact day when you publish ep3?

  2. bestialinvasion667 (verified owner)

    A very good serious superheroine film.

  3. kamper77 (verified owner)

    Beautiful actresses, nice story and overall good quality. The perils are sexy and creative!

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