Wunder Woman Rebirth Part 3 ‘Perfect Defeat’


– Synopsis

Wunder Woman, who was attacked by Fausta,
is kidnapped to an unknown warehouse.
There, Wunder Woman fights The-O once again,
and Fausta appears in front of Wunder Woman, who has almost won.
Meanwhile, Dr. Moon, who falls into a wormhole, meets Usurper and finds out
that he is the mastermind behind all this.
The purpose of Usurper was to take away
Wunder Woman’s body and rule the Earth!

– Director’s Comment

This is the last episode of Re:birth.
In part 1, Wunder Woman focused on her drama
as a woman before the superheroine,
Part 2, focused on Wunder Woman’s desperate actions in the vast outdoors.
And in the last episode, Part 3,
the concept of the extreme pain of Wunder Woman was the perfect defeat
not only for Wunder Woman’s body but also for her heart.
If you were a fan of the original TV series and felt a lot of deficiencies and desires in it,
I think this episode will fill it up.

As a director, I over demanded a high-level action
with a concept that was difficult to film,
Nevertheless, I would like to express my infinite gratitude to the staff
who made all this possible and to the actors who acted with the best acting skills.

– 43 minutes
– Only downloadable (Not DVD)
– One ending (tragedy)
– English subtitles
– No nudity


1 review for Wunder Woman Rebirth Part 3 ‘Perfect Defeat’

  1. bicmtw (verified owner)

    Wow!!! Thanks for the great movie, this is what alternative bad ending I always thinking, really Sexy girl, she act awesome on this part 1 to 3 series, also thanks to Great Production Team of this movie, really good and no regret to buy all Part 1 to 3, just one suggestion that if longer and full body pan at the end would be more perfectly, many thanks!

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