Wunder Woman Rebirth Part 1


– Synopsis

Genius physicist Dr.Moon believes that the world’s third world war will take place because of its nuclear weapons and terrorism.
So he insists on demilitarized around the world with his invented laser using nuclear energy.
Wunder Woman fails to persuade Dr. Moon and Dr. Moon eventually fired the laser.
A moment of desperation, Wunder Woman blocks lasers with her body.
The formidable power of laser leaves a huge scar on Wunder Woman and even jeopardizes her life.
But Wunder Woman succeeded in stopping the laser and saved the Earth again.
Wunder Woman, who has returned to her home dreadfully, falls into her worries about her identity.

– Director’s Comment

This first episode focused on Wunder Woman’s psychological description of his identity.
She always shows a strong and imposing figure in front of people, but she is only one woman when she is alone.
I think that psychological depiction is an opportunity for audiences to feel more about the movie.
It was a new and difficult challenge for me, too. I hope you guys enjoy this drama.

– 44 min
– Alternative ending (WW’s death ver.)
– English subtitles
– Only downloadable (Not DVD)
– No nudity


2 reviews for Wunder Woman Rebirth Part 1

  1. bartman72 (verified owner)

    Excellent work, as we have to come to expect from Wild Kat. Just so everyone knows, under his synopsis, he mentions Wonder Woman’s concern about her identity. But what happens in the movie isn’t quite what you might infer from that. It’s actually an idea I haven’t seen explored anywhere else, and done very well here. The acting, for what we are accustomed to in this genre is quite good, and the actress who plays WW is beautiful.

    Thanks Wild Kat!!

  2. Kwang Rae KIM (verified owner)

    Great movie !! I really enjoyed it. Can’t wait for next chapter. can you tell us when will it come out?

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