Wunder Woman 1977 director’s cut Now Available!

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– Perfect Ending.
– Story added more than 15 minutes.
– Another angle.
– The original footage of an unedited version of the peril scene that many people prefer,
such as the chloroform scene.

Purchase Here!

25 Comments on “Wunder Woman 1977 director’s cut Now Available!”

  1. Already Purchased!!!
    Great Movie as always!!!

    Don´t forget to promote the new Director Cut in your youtube channel!!!


    1. Thank you, Ramon! 😀
      I’m glad you enjoyed it.
      Actually, I am sorry that this work is not a new movie but I tried to make a work that is meaningful to fans who like 1977.
      I’ll try to make good movies all the time.

      1. I really enjoyed the new angle cloroform scenes,
        hope youy can share it in your youtube channel and maybe a few new scenes.


        I´ll wait for your new releases.

  2. Nice movie. But I’m confused by the new ending – *spoiler alert * – does Jin now have Wunder Woman’s belt and lasso? It looks she took it at the end and ran off before Wunder Woman woke up in the forest.

  3. Wunderwoman 1977 director’s cut… I want to buy this movie.
    But, when I click the Paypal, this message is on :

    We’re sorry. You cannot use your PayPal account registered in Korea to send payments to, or receive payments from, other PayPal accounts registered in Korea. You can only use your account to receive international payments, as well as make payments for purchases of goods or services from overseas merchants.

    Return to Merchant

    So, I can’t buy your movie… Are there any possible answer ?

          1. I think I have paid the money.But the download speed is too slow.Could you send the movie to my email?

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