Wunder Woman in big trouble!

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I’m working in sound mixing now.
My purpose is to release in this month.
Sorry, I can’t say the exact date.
But I don’t want to break an appointment, cause I should be more careful.

One thing that I can say for sure, This is my full-time job.
I love my job and I have a pride in my work.
Trust and wait.
I will not let you down.

35 Comments on “Wunder Woman in big trouble!”

  1. God!
    It’s brilliant!
    Can’t wait…..
    Looking forward to it so much!

    But, I think you might consider not leaking so many photos at the same time. The storyline is so obvious. therefore, the bloom might be off the rose before the intact movie is released. Just keep it in some secrets.

    Besides, no offense, is there any chance of porn version in the future?

    Anyway, you still are the best WW movie maker I’ve ever met. Good job and hope I can have the movie soon!

    1. Thank you!
      Thank you for your reply and I seriously consider your opinion.
      Yeah, your right, storyline is very important, possibly I showed the so many photos.
      But don’t worry about that. It just a still-shot, there’s no comparison with video of providing excitement 🙂
      Adult only? Why not??! I’m preparing about that and that is going to be cool, cuz you have never seen before.
      I don’t imitate other people, productions, movie…
      I can do things only me.
      It is my style and I will become the best in the world by my style.
      Thanks 🙂

      1. I would only do that if it doesn’t mean you lose this actress for WW. She is a great find, and you wouldn’t want to make her unhappy.

  2. I for one appreciate the screenshots in promotion…And I think he is holding back still…As there is still a whole captured scene in a dungeon that we only have about 10 seconds of from the tease in the last one.

    I know I am get this day 1 and agree that you are the best WW out there in this genre…Thank you for the hard work…I think it’s gonna be great!!

    1. Thank you, Sh8ky!
      Yeah, your right. I’m holding back so much more. ( dungeon, chloroformed, last fight…)
      To tell the truth, that scenes will get to appear in ep 3.
      But don’t worry.
      Ep 2 is so fantastic! 🙂

  3. Mr Wildcat,

    So sexy to see WW tangled in her own lasso by the villain!
    Also, I love to see WW’s gorgeous legs in her costume and those blue star bottoms!!??
    They fit very short on her and show nice butt cheek. Please continue the sexy costumes!

    So excited for this video and many more !!

  4. These scenes are fantastic. They are type that I enjoy the most. Wonder Woman with even all her powers being defeated by being lifted or/and bearhug by the villains. Loved and I am looking forward to see the whole history.
    Love the costume, it is very similar to the one Lynda Carted used to wear at TV series, and that is the reason I am fan of wonder woman, that style and setup.
    I would keep separately explicit Sex from this series, but I understand not anyone like the same. I would only and more shinny on the tights (nylon) which I am fan too, but still is excellent.
    I agree with the folks above, you are doing the best Wonder woman videos so far. I have liked both actress playing wonder woman, previous one I also loved.
    Thank you, keep going.

  5. God,These scenes are fantastic.Love the costume, it is very similar to the one Lynda Carted used to wear at TV series.
    I like takeing wonder woman prisoners and bondage.Please continue,So excited for this.

  6. One additional comment.
    These scenes are much more realistic and excited taking place outdoor than in a studio. That is much appreciated too.

  7. oh my dear friend!this is the best wonder woman movie i have seen。I hope wonder woman could be bearhug by the female villian,i love lesbian。if viper will do something dirty to wonder woman like bearhug,humiliate,kiss。。。。i would sell my house and join you。
    come on get us more stong female villain and make wonder woman scream :)

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