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  1. Great news Mr Wildkat!!!
    Hope your next projects will come sooner!!!

    Waiting to New Year´s Eve to purchase WW next Release!!!


  2. Wildkat is so happy to see your update. Can’t wait to see part two. Part two. Will there be a wonder woman who is defeated in the mud and choked?

  3. Hi, everyone. I’m Wildkat.
    I’m sorry I’m so late and thank you for waiting.
    I’ve been through a lot and wanted to let you know what I’m up to. But I didn’t.
    Because I had to prove myself as a movie, rather than a hundred words.
    I’m sure I didn’t stop. First, I will release the movie and then talk about what happened to me.
    I apologize to all those who suffered from me.
    And thank you for waiting. I’ll make a movie where your waiting can be rewarded.
    I wouldn’t be here without you.

    안녕하세요, 와일드캣입니다.
    제가 너무 늦었죠? 죄송합니다 그리고 기다려 주셔서 감사합니다.
    그간 저에게 많은 일들이 있었고 이곳에 제 근황을 알리고 싶었지만…그러지 않았습니다.
    백마디의 말보다 한 편의 영화로서 증명을 해야한다고 생각했기 때문입니다.
    확실한 것은 멈춰있지 않았습니다. 우선 영화를 발매하고 그 후에 그동안 있었던 일들에 대해 따로 이야기하는 시간을 가지도록 하겠습니다.
    저로인해 고통받은 모든분들께 이 자리를 빌어 죄송하다는 말씀 드립니다.
    그리고 기다려 주셔서 감사합니다. 여러분의 기다림이 보상받을 수 있는 작품을 만들겠습니다.
    여러분들이 없었다면 전 결코 여기까지 올 수 없었을 거에요.

    1. Mr WK, when will SuperGirl Movie will be avaible?
      Any news about your Next Projects? New Wonder Woman chapters with New Actress? There will be a Chance for WW and SG Crossover??

      Thanks in advance!!!

      1. January – Re:birth Part 3
        March – Supergirl
        April – XXX Project!

        Let me tell you more about my next move after the release of part 3. You can count on it.

  4. Wondering your future plans, is sg behind ww 2nd? Then ww adult version? or other? After all this? Do n’t need you to promise anything in time, just let us know your plan

    1. January – Re:birth Part 3
      March – Supergirl
      April – XXX Project!

      Let me tell you more about my next move after the release of part 3. You can count on it.

  5. Mr. Wildkat ,, great to see you again! I believe you will come back and not give up for this movie! While waiting, can you give us actress’s instagram please?

  6. I’m very glad to see your return, wildkat !
    In your future plan, what is the “XXX project”?
    Is it an adult rated version of heroine movies?

  7. One suggestion, if Mask Of Kashnaktu won in other time and space, and control ww to travel to other time and space to conquer other time and space?

  8. Wildkat may be a little presumptuous. You can also choose not to answer that I am a Korean working in China. I prefer mature women to ask: is the heroine 30 years old? Of course, you don’t have to answer. If you can, I’d like to know that in the end, I’m looking forward to the second part. The Republic of Korea and I are very proud of you

  9. I’m Korean. My name is Yin Dongsheng. I was sent to work in China by the company. Last year, I saw the first part of it. I’ve been looking forward to it. Fortunately, you didn’t give up my friend. You’re wonderful. I’m just curious about whether the actress is 30 years old. I prefer mature women. If you’re not convenient, you can’t answer. I’ll always support you. You’re wonderful

  10. Is it impossible to buy this video in korea.?
    I tried to pay it yo use Paypal.
    But the message which dont buy it was shown up How can I It?

  11. Hi bro i have suggestions for you, i think u can make darna. She is the superheo from Philippines. I think u can show the perfect image for darna.

    1. i watched the last series in the 2000´s,
      the acrtress is really beautifull and the series are still funny to watch!!!

  12. The trailer will be out about a day before its release. (or at the same time)
    This is because the simultaneous release of a trailer has a greater impact on sales.
    Guys, we’re not the main stream. I can’t do that with a trailer long before it’s released like Marvel’s.
    I want you guys to understand me. Sales are a very important part. If the sale doesn’t go well, I can’t carry on with this business.

    트레일러는 발매 하루 전이나 아니면 발매와 같은 날짜에 공개될 것입니다.
    왜냐하면 트레일러 공개와 함께 동시 발매가 판매에 더 큰 영향을 미치기 때문입니다.
    여러분, 우리는 메인스트림 영화가 아니에요. 마블 영화처럼 개봉 3-4개월 전에 트레일러 미리 공개하고 그런 홍보 방법은 지금의 저와
    맞는 방법이 아닙니다.
    이 사업에서 세일즈는 매우 중요한 부분입니다. 다음편을 제작하지 못할 정도의 수익을 올린다면 더이상 이 사업을 계속할 수 없으니까요.
    여러분들의 배려심 깊은 이해를 바라겠습니다.

    1. Don´t worry buddy,
      I understand, please communicate any kind of problems or delays to avoid misunderstandings.

      Waiting for your next Hit!!!

  13. You should start by stating that the trailer will come out the day before it is released. (Or at the same time) you said that the trailer is next week and 30 or 31 is the week after next week …

  14. hi bro thanks for clarification. i have some suggestions for you. as this will reduce miscommunication with your fans, it will be better for you not to state the trailer next week or something else (people might think that next week will 25 dec). if your plan to release the trailer with the movie just state trailer will be released on the release date. this would be better for you and fans. i don’t to blame someone. but i want all of us to understand in both sides. thanks.

  15. I thought you’ve abandoned for your project while really excited to hear that your come back since one year ago and can’t wait for your new release. Good job guys

  16. Excuse me, will there be more stories of taking off boots and silk feet? These plots are too tempting. I hope the author can make more of them. Thank you!

  17. The US time is still December 31st. WildKat said the new movie is scheduled to be uploaded on January 1. However, will everyone buy videos to support WildKat? Or just want to get video files through free download?

    1. I’m pretty sure most of us will buy it. But it does not mean that we cannot complain if the release is delayed again. I mean if you don’t know when you will be able to release the film, then don’t even give a date to customers, especially a date that you won’t be able to release the film.

      1. Movie will probably release several days after the date he promised, just like for episode 1. If there is anything we can count on, it is that promises and release dates don’t really mean anything here.

        Normally I’m fine with delays, these things happen. But with this production studio it’s almost a joke. I wish Wildkat would stop making promises that he knows he cannot keep. He’d have a lot more credibility if he just said that it will be released “when it is done” and not give an actual date.

        Aside from that I hope it the film does release soon. I’ve been waiting for this for over a year now.

    1. For anything worth having one must pay the price; and the price is always work, patience, love, self-sacrifice – no paper currency, no promises to pay, but the gold of real service.

      John Burroughs

  18. I believe that a trusting attitude and a patient attitude go hand in hand. You see, when you let go and learn to trust God, it releases joy in your life. And when you trust God, you’re able to be more patient. Patience is not just about waiting for something… it’s about how you wait, or your attitude while waiting.

    Joyce Meyer

    1. You are certainly not. He doesn’t really understand why we give criticism. All he did was battering WK up. We need WK to be a man of action not just a man of word.

  19. Another day, still no release.
    I knew WK couldn’t be trusted to stand by his own promise.
    This is EXACTLY the same as with Rebirth 1. Broken promise after broken promise.
    No wonder nobody trusts him anymore.

  20. Lack of communication is the biggest problem.
    If there is going to be a delay, we would all appreciate one of two sentence stating about the delay.
    No notice, no communication what so ever for over a year…
    That’s why we are so frustrated.
    It really doesn’t take more than 5 minutes to write a statement…
    I’m waiting but the hope is slim to non at this point.
    Wish I’m wrong

    1. Yeah seriously. It takes a few minutes to make a single post saying there is a delay, then everyone would understand. But no, this is the same unprofessional behavior as with a year ago. Promises broken and then a totally disappearing without any response. It’s so predictable now that it’s ruined any reputation WK had with the superheroine community forever.

      Nobody trusts him anymore except for this arty guy who probably isn’t a real person. I bet arty is just WK’s alt account made to try and generate hype based on the way he words his posts.

    1. Many reasons lead to suicide other than negative comments. Besides, what we posted until now is far from being negative. If you cannot even accept criticism, then really, you are not strong enough to live in this world. If so, please just die, suicide or let someone else kill you. There is no place in the whole world without criticism. Grow up and get used to it.

          1. I don’t want to say anything negative to you because I don’t want to trigger your anger and hostility. I’m afraid of what you do to people around you. Please take up yoga or meditation and therapy. It may help you.

  21. I anxiously await each release. I have not failed to be impressed by the quality and care of every one of your adventures. I will jump at the chance to get the newest one.

  22. Guys, Please come back after 12 hours. I’m sorry, but I promise I’ll come back with a movie that you’ll love so much. Give me another 12 hours.

  23. Actually WildKat owes us nothing. The film was released without a deposit. Instead, we look forward to seeing the film as our own desire. In any case, this must be explained first. I’m not Korean either. But I am very grateful to WildKat for allowing me to see these great works, especially if I can’t shoot them myself. I bought Rebirth I last year and did not stream the video to any network. In fact, I have plans to buy other WildKat videos, and this is the only way I can support WildKat. I saw a lot of people on the Internet stealing WildKat videos to get click-through rates. But I can’t stop this situation. This is a violation of intellectual property rights or creative rights for WildKat.

  24. The trailer will be out about a day before its release. (or at the same time)
    I hope that waiting for 12 hours will not only usher in the trailer and then the authentic product will have to wait …

    1. I want to believe him too, but you know I’ve been refreshing his website for two days until his movie comes out. This process is so painful, I even don’t want to support him, he hurt me too much

  25. I refreshed this page numerous times throughout the two days. I’m very disappointed about repetition of missing the deadlines.
    Please communicate with us what’s going on. Please…
    The fans are exhausted…

    1. I’m not exhausted. I’m excited! I really look forward to it coming out in the next couple of days. In the meantime, I will watch “The Crown” on Netflix.

        1. You seem very angry about your life. I’m guessing you were abused. I’m sorry about that. I hope you can get some therapy and get past it. Happy New Year, friend,.

  26. Oh my god! It’s not out yet. Author, do you feel excited, happy and moved when you see so many fans waiting for your work? Even if they are blaming you for your mistakes.

  27. Hi I’m Korean
    I have something to say to you guys
    Many Koreans are sincere and keep their promises
    Avoiding responsibility for what he said with an excuse like this one
    Wildkat is a personal matter
    I’m so ashamed of myself as a Korean person.
    Is that a really great movie?
    Even if it’s a really great video
    Do you really understand business?
    This guy always speaks.
    At all.. Words and actions are wrong
    And then he says,
    I will not let you down….
    Always false lysis
    Wildkat’s circumstances may be
    But if the person doing business is lying,
    Want your business to succeed?
    Wildkat should know
    We want your video
    Your bark. I’m not looking for this site every day to hear excuses.
    Again, most Koreans are sincere and keep their promises.
    It’s just Wildkat that’s acting like this

  28. I don’t understand…..
    Why advertise that something is going to be released an a specific date and then don’t follow through???
    If he had kept quiet WK could have spent the whole of 2020 working on his project. We would have been none the wiser and wouldn’t have cared!!
    I haven’t been on this site for over a year. I only came back to check out because of a message on a superheroine forum! I am not going to waste any more of my time on this site or wildcat. I’m sure that a forum somewhere will notify me.

    There is no doubt that Wildkat produces quality work but he has no respect for his fan base! Even a message to say that he does not know when the film will be released has got to be better than nothing!!!

  29. Typical, just typical
    I followed him since Wunder Woman vs Mind Stealers.
    He’s just absolutely terrible at communicating with this audiences.
    I’m done.
    I suggest everyone else to do so.
    Anotherwise you could check this website for another year until
    you have to wait a month then so on.
    This is a joke!
    He is just an awful awful human being.
    Arty100 Shut your damn mouth you asshole.

    1. He’s an awe full human being for not being able to release a video on time, which I’m sure he’d like to do? Wow. You sound like you have issues. Relax and get a hobby.

  30. When this movie finally releases and sales numbers are terrible, I hope WK looks back on these replies and understands why.

    It’s not because of the actress, costume, story or the quality of his films. It is because WK is highly unprofessional, a liar and does not respect his customers. It’s exactly the same situation when episode 1 was promised to release and then more delays with zero communication from WK. Empty promise after empty promise. Nothing has changed.

    By now, you’ve lost all trust with your fans and the superheroine community. There are entire threads on various forums talking about WK being an untrustworthy producer as people have not forgotten. This situation has just just proven it to anyone who was still defending him for so long. Arty100 is probably the only person still on his side because he’s not smart enough to know any better.

    Personally, I’m done with this site and won’t ever be coming back. If WK can’t even bother to post an update after two broken promises then I can’t be bothered to purchase the video and support him. I’ll wait until it’s free on a porn streaming site as I will not support a producer with such unprofessional conduct.

    WK has lost a lot of potential customers with is recent behavior and it could have all been easily avoided if he just didn’t make promises that he knew he couldn’t keep. All those customers he’s alienated will not be coming back and when his business eventually fails, this will be the reason why.

    1. People can be angry for the lateness, but this is a fetish that people can’t control. Everyone will still buy it. The quality of the film is too good to wait for it to come out on illegal streaming. I noticed that after the other films came out, people forgave WK immediately and praised him. You guys may be angry customers, but you will keep shopping here. Sorry for not being smart like you guys. But I do know this. I understand your anger and impatience, but that’s just because you really want to buy this film ASAP.

    1. I agree. All these people so frustrated because a product is not available when they want it. Reminds me of Christmas when a toy sells out and everyone curses out the department stores. But they will never give up on having Christmas, will they?

      1. This is a really stupid comparison.

        If a store promised that the toy would be on sale and then it sold out, then they did not break their promise.

        This situation is like if the store promised that there would be enough toys for everyone to buy one and then didn’t have any for sale, and then didn’t tell anyone why. That is a broken promise and an unprofessional way to run a business. People would not give up on Christmas but they would give up on the toy and give up on the store and never shop there again. That is what is happening here. Broken promises and unprofessional behavior resulting in people giving up on WK and his movies.

        In this analogy, “Christmas” would be the superheroine genre as a whole, not a single video. But I doubt you’d be able to understand such a concept.

        So not only are you wrong, but you also have no clue what you are talking about.

        1. Please rethink what you said. People just find another way to get the toy and will pay top dollar for it. They will also not give up on the store. Just ask Walmart or Amazon. Seriously, you gotta think about what you say for awhile before you say it. Please do that. You are obviously not a marketing guy.

          1. Wow, you really are a true idiot just like everyone says.

            Walmart and Amazon don’t make promises to the public that they cannot keep. And yes, people will give up on retail stores if they are lied to. This is common sense, something you clearly do not have.

          2. Calling me names doesn’t change the facts. You are true Trumpian individual. Maybe you have never been shopping during the Christmas rush. I understand your ignorance.

          3. Zefra, why don’t you tell us a little about yourself. I don’t want to bully you. I’m just trying to explain reality to you. I feel like i’m “punching down” to your every time I respond to you and I don’t like to beat up on people like you. I sense that you have had your fill of that in your life and I don’t want to contribute to that abuse. Open up some dialogue with me. Try not to be so reactive and angry. Maybe I can help you.

  31. I am frustrated like many that it is not out. But all of you spouting hate for Wildkat or claiming that you are “done,” need to relax. It’s a video, people, not some life-saving antidote that he is working on. Get a life. Find things to do. And when it does get released, enjoy it.

    I was resigned to not ever hearing from Wildkat again and never seeing the rest of the movie. To see him posting and saying anything about future releases is welcome news, and I am happy for that, although of course I’d like to see the videos released soon, and on time. But life goes one, people.

    Thanks for taking the time to make a quality video, Wildkat. But yes, better or more frequent communication would be nice.

  32. I’m done with part 2. It was a lot harder work than I thought and it took a lot of time. I’ll tell everyone I’m sorry.
    I’m done with part two. It was a lot harder work than I thought and it took a lot of time. I’ll tell everyone I’m sorry.
    But I think if I really did, I’d be killed by you guys.
    Before that, email me if you want to buy it right now. If you send me an email, I will send you an invoice by PayPal.
    Don’t hate me too much, my friends. I’ve been up all night for three days now, literally, trying to finish this job.
    Happy New Year everyone!

    지금 방금 파트2의 모든 작업을 마쳤습니다.
    제 생각보다 훨씬 힘든 작업이었고 예상했던 것 보다 더 많은 시간이 걸렸습니다. 기다리신 모든 분들께 죄송하단 말씀 드립니다.
    근데 아직 트레일러나 포스터 작업 등을 하지 못했어요. 그래서 정식 발매는 이틀 후 정도가 될 것 같습니다.
    하지만 제가 또 연기를 하면 여러분들이 절 죽일지도 모른다는 생각이 들어요ㄷㄷㄷ
    그래서 지금 바로 구매하고 싶으신 분들은 저에게 메일 주십시오. 우선 판매 하겠습니다.
    이에 대한 내용은 게시글로도 하나 올릴건데, 댓글에도 적어둡니다.

    이번 작업을 마무리 지으려 말 그대로 3일째 밤을 새고 있습니다.
    정말 피곤하지만 이번 영화가 여러분의 사랑을 받을 걸 믿어 의심치 않습니다.
    새해 인사가 늦었습니다. 모두 새해 복 많이 받으십시오!

    1. Thanks WK!! i will send an email now. We don’t hate you! We love you! We just want to see your product. We are impatient. Please forgive us! Keep working hard. We can’t wait for part 3!

    2. What a strange author. The author hasn’t released the second episode yet. Although I have already bought it in the mail. I’m looking forward to the third episode. However, the second episode has not yet been released. Is the third episode going to be extended for a long time??? Will the third episode be released in January? Now that it’s the end of January, will the author sell the third episode in the mail on time!?

  33. For people want share from otheer, please be mindful that it is a kind of pirating or leeching. Please buy yourself guyss, I know you are disapointed to WK due to delay but leeching or pirating is an disrespectful.

  34. I think wk still hasn’t finished editing the movie. The trailer’s still not out and he didn’t mention anything about emailing download link to buyers. This arty guy says he downloaded the movie but it looks like he doesn’t know what he’s talking at all.

    To be fair, despite the fact that this arty guy has all kinds of issues and probably is a loser in real life, he does have a point. At the end of the day we just want to see the movie. If you’re fed up with wk’s incompetence then just go. You don’t have to cry like a baby out here. We already know wk’s not going to keep his promises. Let him be him. If you walk away then his incompetence will be reflected through the money he makes from his movies. If you do want to get the movie for yourself then you’d better shut up and wait since you already know there will be delays and shit. Complaining ain’t gonna solve shit.

    And to arty, you’d better shut up as well. The reason is plain and simple, you don’t know how to talk to people. Learn that lesson from your parents before you type down anything.

    1. One of my issues is that I never had parents. I grew up on the streets of Syria. I am considered a complete loser in life. I have little to no education and am in chronic illness of various sorts without means of medical attention. So please understand this. But, I did in fact, download the completed version of part 2 and loved it. I’m not going to tell everyone about the contents (that is for WK to do). If any of you had experience in the film industry, you would know about delays and setbacks and personal problems in the industry. Unfortunately, you think this process is like eating in a restaurant whereas if you don’t like the food, you can complain and go elsewhere. Please forgive the way I express my opinions on this site. I’m not an educated, well rounded, self-fulfilled, successful in all relationships and wealthy individual like others on this site. Please take pity on me. I have nothing in life (but for part 2 of this film).

      1. arty100 words are true,

        I also purchased via email, and maybe one of the best WW movies in many years. Awesome quality, acting, effects.
        High standars in your works Mr Wildkat, also a bit disappintment with delays and lack of communication but, hope it´ll be forgotten if you continue your great work.


      2. I’m glad that you finally spoke some truth arty. I’m sorry for your lack of education and love. I’ve been to Syria before. It was such a great country before US laid their hands on.

        If you grew up from the streets yet fought your way into filming industry then it shows that you’re able to achieve something. You must have some other issues that you desperately need to fix because if you’re able to do all that it’s kinda hard to end up in such a pathetic state that you’re in right now.

        It is great news that the movie is done. But there’re still too many questions to be answered by wk. Hopefully he’s capable of doing all the explaining so we don’t have to see this arty guy clowning around all the time.

        1. Forgive me for the misunderstanding. I’m not in the movie industry. I just know some things about it from various sources in the industry. Were you part of the Monarchy, religious elite or a wealthy caucasian tourist in Syria? If you weren’t one of those, you would know that my country has never been what you call a “Great Country” for the vast majority of my people. We live in a squalor. I myself, live on the streets (as I noted previously).

          1. First of all you can’t ask for forgiveness if you’ve been creating ”misunderstanding” all day long. Second of all of course you can tell us (or forge, most likely) your poor poor condition but that’s never an excuse. If you’re not what people on this site’ve been calling you then you should be working to find a way out instead of sitting there and use the story as an excuse.

        2. gokur, you obviously have a pretty good life. Can you share details about yourself such as i did. It may inspire some of us to improve upon our own situations.

        3. And please forgive me for asking for forgiveness. I don’t seem to be able to do anything right in your eyes and that makes me feel unworthy of your advice. But I still humbly ask for it.

  35. I have completed the purchase procedure. Also downloaded.

    The file has 2.66G. The mobile version is 771.73Mb.

    The film duration is 36 minutes and 50 seconds.

    1. Also of note, the movie only has 1 minute and 39 seconds of review scenes. Interestingly, there is very little dialogue in the movie, so there is no translation needed or seen.

  36. My guess is that WK had to take a nap after finishing the film. He finished it, told everyone and realized he couldn’t sleep because many people would want to order it. Very difficult situation.

    1. I don’t know if the browser will affect the download.
      But I downloaded it using Chrome.
      I usually use Firefox, but last night I used Chrome to do the job.

  37. Can anyone tell me how I download the film? I have paid and received a confirmation email with link to my invoice but there isn’t a download link. Thank you in advance.

      1. Thank you Ramon pardo Villafanca and shjikki.
        Received the email with link about 12 hours after I sent payment.

        Now I am having problems trying to download the movie. Both versions keep failing.

        Wildkat seems to specialize in frustration!!

    1. I don’t know if the browser will affect the download.
      But I downloaded it using Chrome.
      I usually use Firefox, but last night I used Chrome to do the job.

    1. The price is about $ 43.95 USD. The plot contains part of the mud battle.

      I don’t think I should reveal too much details, but let lovers know the general direction of the plot, and then decide whether to buy or not seems reasonable.

  38. Well done! It’s very exciting to fight in the mud, especially the silk stockings and boots are covered with mud, which is very attractive and exciting. Fantastic. I hope to see more amazing women’s stockings and boots,After seeing the magic heroine being taken off her boots by the enemy, the stockings and feet were abused. sorry. I am infatuated with beautiful women’s stockings and boots. I am very excited to see these plots. I hope the author can do more. Thank you.

  39. I’m sorry to say, so far this seems to be a pretty unprofessional release. There is ZERO information about this video anywhere on this site.

    Some people say this movie includes the mud fight defeat while another user says it only includes part of that scene. Well, what is it?

    No screenshots, no trailer, not even a description of what is in the movie. This is literally the easiest thing to do, it takes like 10 minutes to type some text. I don’t understand how the producer expects to sell a product when there is NOTHING for the customer to decide whether or not to purchase. Even amateurs on Clips4Sale do better than this, seriously.

    WK, how about spending a few minutes to provide a bit of information? It might actually help with sales you know…

    1. There are screencaps on another thread that posted a year ago. The mud scene is in part 2. There are some things in the mud scene that really haven’t been done in other productions. The way the whole scene was put together was quite spectacular. Kudos to WK. I thought this scene would have been too short, but it covered time very well. I was more than pleasantly surprised. Definitely worth buying in my opinion. Really good battle.

      1. Thanks for the reply, but that’s not really good enough. You haven’t provided any other useful details aside from confirming that the mud scene is indeed in this episode.

        Sorry, but based on all your replies here it seem like you have some personal issues and can’t really to be trusted to give a objective opinion about any of WKs films.

        I’ll wait for a trailer if one ever gets released.

  40. Truly one of the most frustrating experiences that I can think of…
    To have waited over a year for film to be released!
    Then for the New Years eve release date to pass by without any film or news!
    Then having sent payment to have to wait 12 hours for the download link!
    Then on receiving the link to have the download fail time and time again!

    This gives a whole new definition to the term amateur!

    I am genuinely a fan of Wildcat’s work and I have tried to do the right thing and pay for my download so as to support Wildcat but I ask myself is it worth it if I can get his film a few days or weeks later from a pirate site without all the trouble or expense!!

    1. 50$ isn’t really a lot of money and from what little I’ve seen on this website the movie looks well filmed, the actress is sexy and the costume is great. The money isn’t the issue, but the way WK runs his business is a serious problem for me.

      I’ve been refreshing once or twice a day and there is still no official store page, trailer, screenshots or description about what is in this movie aside from some scattered blog posts from over a year ago. If I were visiting this site for the first time and looking through all these replies, it might even seem like this whole release is a scam to steal money. I know this isn’t the case but it could very well appear that way to a new visitor.

      I know this arty100 guy is trying to help but his blind faith in WK and lack of objectivity in his replies is actually doing more harm than good.

      On top of that I see a lot of replies like this one from dbr000kerst saying how frustrating the whole experience is. Constant delays, no communication and failed downloads. I mentioned it before, this whole thing reeks of unprofessionalism and I can only imagine how many potential customers are being driven away by it. Like you say, it might just be way less frustrating to wait until the movie is uploaded on a streaming site. If the pirate can provide a better user experience then that might just be the best option for some people.

      It’s sad because it would have been nice to support WK and if he just took some time to run his business like a professional, none of this would be an issue.

      1. Please stop promoting piracy. It’s like opioids. It seems like an easy palpable solution to anger and pain, but there is a heavy cost. And my faith is that the movie would come out (which it did and will). I don’t need to be harping on how late it is like everyone else. That’s too obvious. I don’t want to be just another common, angry, illiterate moron on the web. Just look at the previous posts. Plenty of those already. The internet has multitudes of morons who think they say something clever. I take the road less traveled. Focus on the positive. I’m just more forgiving and get over things more quickly than many of you guys.

  41. I enjoyed this one very much. yes it took a few tries to get it to download but was worth it. Thanks for letting us direct buy, very excided for pat 3.

  42. Still no official release. This is so sad and disappointing.

    I hope WK knows that he is throwing away money by taking so long for official release. The majority of sales come from the first few weeks of the film being available.

    This video is already available on other websites with proper screenshots and detailed synopsis. By holding off on official release you are really hurting yourself.

    Come on WK! I want to support you but you are making it almost impossible. Please understand that!!

    1. I don’t disagree with your points, Bungo, but it’s repetitive. We all know it’s late and blah blah blah. Try to focus on the positive. It’s a great movie. I have never seen a fight scene with WW don’t so well. I just hope part 3 comes out this year. I’m not counting on a January release, but let’s hope for February.

      1. I don’t even think episode 2 will officially release in January based on your track record. Also there really isn’t anything to be positive about when there is still zero info on this movie. Blog posts from a year ago don’t count. Really, how hard is it to provide some official screenshots or even just a text description in a new blog post?

        My complaint really isn’t about the film being late, you have totally missed my point, it’s about how poorly you run your business/store. It’s baffling how great you are at making films but yet you are quite terrible as a businessman.

        Money aside, the point of my post is that pirates literally provide a better “service” than you. They have provided descriptions and screenshots of your movie on their pirate sites.

        And before you repeat the same old “don’t promote pirates” nonsense, I’m telling you that I am not. I could have easily downloaded the movie a day ago and never came back here but I did not. I’m telling you this to help you. I want to support you because I like your films and I hope you make more. But you are repeating the same mistake as when episode 1 was released (and delayed).

        We know the film is ready because you are selling it as pre-release, so why wait so long for official release and to provide basic info to customers? Every hour you wait you are losing money to pirates. And by the time you eventually release, the movie will already be downloaded and shared everywhere, losing out on most of your potential buyers. This sort of thing is unavoidable in this industry and that’s the point of my first post when I say the first 2 weeks of release are the most important if you intend to make money. This is why episode 1 had poor sales as you have mentioned yourself in another post.

        Please understand that I’m trying to help you WK. You need to stop being so stubborn and accept certain truths if you want to be successful. I say this as a fellow producer of superheroine films myself.

        I truly hope you succeed and are able to make more films and sequels.

        1. Also if you want WK, I can email you links to several sites that are pirating your movie so that you can request that they get removed. I will not post them here for obvious reasons.

          However, these are foreign sites (Chinese) and likely will not comply with takedown requests. And even if they do get taken down it will probably only hold off the pirates for a short time only.

          I’m sorry this is happening to you. I know it sucks as it has happened to me as well with the first movie I made and released. This is why having a long gap between pre-release and official release is a very bad idea. I learned from this mistake quickly.

          I hope you do not take offense at my posts and are able to put your pride aside to help yourself.

          1. You don’t need to be angry. I agree with everything you say. I am curious about which movies you produced. I would like to see the model of creation and accounting you used. Why did you stop producing?

        2. I don’t think you understand art. It’s a process, not a product. You keep talking about business. This is art. Enjoy the piece and let others worry about the money. Artists work with their hearts, not their financial interests. Perhaps you should have run the business aspects of this project, But nobody asked as of yet. You are an accountant by nature. That’s great. WK is an artist. Do you know that if you were trying to create this film, WK would be critiquing you until your head exploded from what WK would perceive to be complete ineptitude, lack of vision and utterly no creative talent or perception. We all appreciate your love of WK and his work, but that’s not how the mind of a true artist works.

          1. Whatever dude. If you’re OK with pirates stealing your movie and making money off of it then that’s your choice.

            You don’t need to hide behind this fake account to engage with your fans WK, we all know Arty is you.

            And for the record, I never mentioned anything about critiquing any of your films or accounting, but I guess that doesn’t matter because you never really understand what people are trying to tell you.

        1. Apparently not. I was able to buy the movie off of a pirate/trading site for $8. Plus they had multiple payment options available.

          It’s too bad the producer decided to ignore his customers.

  43. guys please do not promote piracy and content grabbing websites here. have shame. i have not purchase the video yet but i firmly believe that everyone should support independent producers like wildkat. yes his ways in making promises and not keeping them is terrible but he doesnt deserve being screwed over piracy. lets not support that industry. if you cant, at least dont mention and brag about it here.

    btw you dont have to have a paypal account to purchase. as long as you have credit card there is an option in the payment page to directly input your card details. no need for membership. i saw it when i requested for an invoice.

    my theory for wildkat not providing trailer and not updating this page is he probably owes his production staff or someone money and he has not gotten blessing yet unless he pays. thats my theory. Or he is probably sick or something which i hope not.

    thats my take on this mess. again lets not promote piracy to justify convenience. Its stealing. you dont want people to steal from you right?

  44. Why is the front page of this website not updated to promote the new video? And then articulating payment instructions? Seems like Marketing 101

    1. Because the producer is an idiot.

      The video was supposed to be release end of last year and still there isn’t even a store page, trailer or way to purchase the video aside from doing a shady paypal/email exchange with Wildkat.

      This is the the most botched release I’ve ever seen in the industry. The video hasn’t officially been marketed or sold on the main website, yet it it has been available on most free porn streaming sites for the last few weeks. It’s almost like the producer wanted to throw away any profit he could have made off the movie.

  45. What a strange author. The author hasn’t released the second episode yet. Although I have already bought it in the mail. I’m looking forward to the third episode. However, the second episode has not yet been released. Is the third episode going to be extended for a long time??? Will the third episode be released in January? Now that it’s the end of January, will the author sell the third episode in the mail on time!?

  46. You never know. I just hope it does come out this month. Please be encouraging to the producer. Don’t discourage him from releasing. I understand your feelings, but I still want it released.

    1. Hope it will happen soon,
      maybe the real problem is giving an exact date. Mr WK really doesn´t need to give exact info on his releases, just something like soon or in a couple of days/weeks, etc.

      Let´s wait for an upcoming release soon!!!

  47. Alright. If there is anything to say about the virus in South Korea, I believe that the most correct option for WildKat is to focus on editing EP3 while isolating himself at home or studio from virus and reduce his time being outside, which should reasonably allow him to release the final episode even more quickly. But this is based on the assumption that WildKat is healthy. But still there is no update or anything going on this website. We may have to consider that WildKat has gone back to the silent state like last year and unfortunately, we may have to wait for another year to see his next release. Or he really is sick right now. If that is the case, I do feel sorry to hear that. Hope you get better soon.

  48. I hope you guys are all OK, the situation becomes very worst recently. Many countries implemented lock down and stay at home.

    Hi mr wildkat are u OK, can you share your info please?

    1. This happened before, remember? And well, I guess since then, all the fans have understood that there is nothing we fans can do when WildKat decides to be silent. So there is no need for us to stick around.

  49. Hi bro june is almost there any updated news bro. I wanna see your new works bro. I hope u are all Ok. And i think its the best time for u to release the movie as manya people are working from home

  50. I don’t care if the project is going to be delayed.

    Can you just tell us how far you have done?

    Please communicate with us so we can keep our keep our hope for the next project…


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