Wunder Woman Rebirth Part 3 ‘Perfect Defeat’ – Now Available!

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This is the last episode of Re:birth.
In part 1, Wunder Woman focused on her drama
as a woman before the superheroine,
Part 2, focused on Wunder Woman’s desperate actions in the vast outdoors.
And in the last episode, Part 3, the concept of the extreme pain of Wunder Woman was the perfect defeat
not only for Wunder Woman’s body but also for her heart.
If you were a fan of the original TV series and felt a lot of deficiencies and desires in it,
I think this episode will fill it up.

As a director, I over demanded a high-level action
with a concept that was difficult to film,
Nevertheless, I would like to express my infinite gratitude to the staff
who made all this possible and to the actors who acted with the best acting skills.

대망의 리버스 마지막 에피소드입니다.
파트 1에서는 슈퍼히로인 이전에 그녀 역시 한명의 여성으로서의 드라마에 초점을 맞추었고,
파트 2에선 광활한 야외에서 펼쳐지는 그녀의 처절한 액션에 초점을 맞추었다면,
이번 파트 3에서는 원더우먼에게 극한의 고통을 선사하는 컨셉으로 그녀의 몸뿐만 아니라 마음까지도
모두 무너져 내리는 비극으로 끝을 맺게 됩니다.
원작 오리지널 TV 시리즈의 팬이었고 그 속에서 늘 부족함과 욕구를 느끼신 팬들에게는 이번 에피소드가
그것들을 채워줄 수 있을 것이라 생각합니다.

감독으로서 촬영하기 힘든 컨셉에 연기하기 어려운 고난이도의 액션을 요구했지만,
그럼에도 불구하고 그 모든것들을 가능하게 해준 최고의 스태프들과,
힘든 여건 속에서도 최고의 연기력으로 극을 빛내준 배우들에게 무한한 감사의 말씀을 올립니다.

19 Comments on “Wunder Woman Rebirth Part 3 ‘Perfect Defeat’ – Now Available!”

  1. Great movie WK!
    Personally I liked episode 2 a lot more because the muddy defeat was much more humiliating. I feel like it was a more perfect defeat because WWs symbol of power and beauty (her costume) was ruined.

  2. As you know, my next movie is ‘SG project (Tentative name)’. I’ve already started editing, and it’ll take about two months.
    But before that, my video will be uploaded on my YouTube channel. It’s going to be a long video of me talking about my movies that I’ve been making.
    It’s a long video, but I think it’ll be fun to watch.
    Rather than writing my thoughts or visions, I will make a video and share it with you guys.
    I think it will be easy for you to understand and it will look good.
    The video I mentioned will probably be uploaded to my YouTube channel in a week.
    I’ll see you all soon! 🙂

  3. dandud88, かみことかぜ – I think it’s too early to talk about those answers. One thing for sure is that I won’t go to part three this time.

  4. Hello Mr. Wildkat,
    Really excellent great work! I’d like to ask if you would consider filming an episode which is related to Linda Carter’s version of Wonder Woman–“Fine Art of Crime”. I’m very much looking forward to seeing the end of a Wonder Woman that she has been successfully sculpted and exhibited in the collection of her enemies.
    Looking forward to see this episode. Thank you very much!

    1. Don’t worry, one of my goals is to recreate every episode of Wonder Woman. Including all seasons! Including season 4 that wasn’t made of plus!
      Of course I don’t think that’s going to happen right now. But I’m gonna make it!
      Please keep an eye on me!

      1. Thank you very much for replying!
        It would be so nice if you could do that. I’ll wait for that day. By the way, will you consider adding some freeze or mind control episodes in stories?

  5. Hi WK,

    Just gotten all your works from your previous works such as WW vs Mind Stealers (from YouTube), to WW 1977, The New Adventure of WW and WW: Rebirth from this website. I simply love it and hook to it. The actresses acting as WW are beautifully portrayed and really great job.
    There are some parts in Part 3 that really raise the temperature a bit but it is a pity to see WW to die in the end of Part 3, I hope that there will be continuation to this story.
    Looking forward to your new works.

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