Wunder Woman Rebirth ‘Perfect Defeat’ 4K Redux Edition Pre-Order Now!

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“On December 29, 2022, The best WW is rebirth as 4K!
2022년 12월 29일 , WW가 4K로 부활합니다!”

Key Features / 주요 특징

  • Revealed in advance (Official Release January 2023)
  • 4K Remaster image quality
  • New color correction
  • Add alternate ending (Happy ending)
  • Add unreleased scenes
  • $10 extra discount for pre-order! ($65→$55)
  • Add 26 minutes of behind-the-scenes! (Pre-order benefits)

  • 정식 발매전 얼리 억세스 (정식 발매는 2023년 1월)
  • 4K 리마스터 화질
  • 새로운 색보정
  • 새로운 엔딩 추가 (해피 엔딩)
  • 미공개 장면 추가
  • 프리 오더 기간에만 $10달러 추가 할인! ($65→$55)
  • 26분 분량의 풍성하고 다양한 비하인드씬 비디오! (프리 오더 전용 특전)

  • Original vs Redux (4K Upgrade Image and New color correction)
  • Screenshot / 스크린샷

  • Behind-the-scenes video (Pre-order benefit) / 비하인드씬 비디오 (프리오더 전용 특전)

Pre-Order Information / 프리 오더 안내

  • How do I order a pre-order? : It’s simple! If you want to buy it, send me an email. ([email protected]) I will send you a PayPal invoice.
  • Pre-order Period : From now until January 15, 2023
  • Pre-order Price: $55
  • When can I get the movie? : December 29, 2022 at 6 PM (PST time)

  • 프리 오더 주문 방법 : 이전과 같습니다. 구매를 원하시면 [email protected] 으로 메일을 보내주세요. 계좌번호와 가격 안내해 드리겠습니다.
  • 기간 : 2023년 1월 15일 까지
  • 가격 : 메일로 안내
  • 전달 날짜 : 2022년 12월 29일 (미국시 기준)

*48 minutes + 26 minutes of behind-the-scenes video (Pre-order only)
*H.265 HEVC format
*7.2 GB
* English subtitles
* No Nudity
* No DVD

*48분 + 비하인드씬 26분 (비하인드씬은 프리 오더 전용 특전)
*H.265 HEVC
*7.2 GB
*영어 자막 포함
*누드 아님
*DVD 패키지 아님

45 Comments on “Wunder Woman Rebirth ‘Perfect Defeat’ 4K Redux Edition Pre-Order Now!”

  1. Please note that I will reply to your email every day from the 25th at 3 p.m. and 10 p.m. (Korea Standard Time, UTC+09:00)
    Happy holiday!

    이메일 답장은 25일 부터 매일 오후3시와 10시 (한국시 기준)에 드리니 이용에 참고 바랍니다.
    즐거운 크리스마스 되세요!

  2. Nicely done Mr wildkat,
    Need to wait a few days but ´ll definitely purchase your new project.

    Muchas Gracias y Feliz Navidad

      1. Just purchased and it´s really the best quality project in the genre.

        Hope you´ll update your past Projects Like: Wunder Woman 1977 4K+BTS (kinda a dream)

        Thanks and Feliz Año Nuevo!!!

    1. Thank you, satin!
      I know what you guys want. Wonder Woman XXX, right?
      It’s a long story…To get to the point, I need to create a new platform.
      A new homepage, a studio exclusively superheroine,…
      A lot needs to change and make more progress.

      What I’m planning is to attract investment in this genre.
      I have to build infrastructure and make movies steadily every month.
      So what does Wonder Woman xxx have to do with this plan?
      Wonder Woman xxx will be the key to persuading investors.

      I will appeal my capabilities to investors with Wonder Woman xxx and draw investment.
      And with that, I will create a Superheroine studio and build a new platform and infrastructure.
      Trust me, I’m the one who decided to dedicate my life to this genre and I have a long-term plan for the development of this genre.

      My love and affection for this genre remains the same.
      Rather, I am more obsessed with this genre and yearning for it.

      I will share my plans and philosophy with you guys and communicate.
      Trust me and watch me.

    1. It’s literally making a new homepage. It is true that the current homepage is inconvenient for you guys, and I want to provide better service.
      My goal is to build not only the homepage but also the overall infrastructure for this genre.

  3. What’s in this 48 minute+ 26 mins BTS’ release?

    I’m assuming the 48 minutes is rebirth part 3? or a collection of unseen scenes from each 3?

    Does the BTS content have the audition/interview stuff?

    Thank you! Sad to hear she’s won’t be working with you in the future anymore

    1. Literally, the Perfect Defeat episode is 48 minutes long and the behind-the-scenes video is 26 minutes long.
      Yes, BTS content includes audition content.
      I’m sad that I can’t work with her anymore with amazing talent, but my movie won’t stop.

        1. That’s right, the added amount is about 6 minutes. Other than that, you can think of this work as a director’s cut, such as a 4k upgrade and a new color correction.

          1. Well my expectation drops. I thought there could be more to come in the alternative ending rather than just five minutes. With no offense but I dare say it’s not enough to show any logical plot twist.

          2. I respect your opinion. I’m grateful that you told me what you thought about my movie. I will try to make more diverse movies based on my current experience. Thanks.

    1. That’s right, Supergirl comes first and Wonder Woman XXX comes next.
      But like I said, Wonder Woman will be the launch of my new homepage.
      The important value of my new company that I am planning is continuity.
      I’m aiming to release at least two movies a month, not one or two movies a year like now.
      To do that, what I need right now is to build infrastructure.

      I will do my best to build infrastructure in 2023 and if my new studio is created like that, you will be able to see fantastic superheroine movies every month, starting with Wonder Woman XXX.

  4. I sent a download email to everyone who applied for the pre-order.
    Everyone check the mail and let me know if you haven’t received it 🙂

    방금 프리 오더를 신청한 모든 분에게 다운로드 메일을 보내드렸습니다.
    확인 부탁 드리며, 혹시 메일을 받지 못하신 분은 문의 바랍니다 🙂

    1. I’m preparing surprising news for this pre-order. Those who applied for the pre-order this time will never regret a deal. I’ll let you know the benefits in January next year. Please keep an eye on my homepage.

      프리 오더를 신청하신 분들께 깜짝 놀랄만한 혜택을 준비중에 있습니다. 이번 작품을 구매하신 분들이 결코 실망하지 않으실 만한 혜택을 준비 중에 있으니 혜택이 발표되는 내년 1월을 기대해 주시기 바랍니다.

      1. I don’t regret buying this even without the “surprising news”. But after watching the behind-the-scenes, the deleted fight scenes, I just think that this movie had so much potential to be much better than what it currently is. Using the whole of Part 1 to try to tell the personal life/double identity of WW made part 1 lose the connection with the other two parts. The boyfriend appeared in so few scenes that I rather have the deleted Yu-Jin as a replacement, as WW’s friend, which is also a good way to show the life of WW besides being the superheroine (like in SG, but you might say it would be repetition). Part 2 and Part 3 are indeed bold and excellent but as I said, could have been better with better adjustments on fight and peril scenes. The whole project surely is not bad, far from bad really, but when seeing what the movie was planned to be, I can’t help but feel pity.

        1. I agree with you. I always have regrets after filming a movie. I could have done better…’
          Of course, it’s because I lack experience and skills. I’m not trying to deny this.
          But I’m sure I would have made a much better movie if I had the infrastructure.
          This is why I sing ‘Infrastructure’ whenever I open my mouth these days.
          What is infrastructure? There are many things, but the first thing I need is a studio. a studio dedicated to superheroine.
          Among many things, I can make a movie that is many times better than now if the studio is given to me.
          So far, all the movies I’ve made have so many scenes that have been deleted because of the location.
          I will do my best to create infrastructure, especially studios, in 2023 to correct this problem.

          저 역시 당신의 의견에 상당수 동의합니다. 영화 촬영을 끝마치고 나면 늘 후회가 남아요. 더 잘 할 수 있었는데…
          물론 제 경험과 실력이 부족한 부분이 크죠. 이걸 부정하고 싶은 건 아닙니다. 다만 저에게 최소한의 인프라만 갖추어 졌다면,
          훨씬 더 나은 영화를 만들 수 있었을 거에요.
          이런 이유 때문에 요즘 제가 입만 열면 인프라, 인프라 노래를 부르는 이유입니다.
          그렇다면 인프라란 무엇인가? 많은 부분이 있겠지만 무엇보다 지금 당장 저에게 필요한 것은 슈퍼히로인 전용 촬영 스튜디오입니다.
          많은 것들 중에서 이것만 우선 해결이 되어도 제 영화는 지금보다 몇 배는 더 나아질 거에요.
          지금까지 제가 만든 모든 영화는 장소의 제약 때문에 삭제되고 제대로 촬영하지 못한 장면이 너무 많아요.
          그렇기에 다가오는 2023년에는 인프라 구축에, 그 중에서도 슈퍼히로인 전용 촬영 스튜디오를 구축하는데 최선을 다하는 한 해가 될 거예요.

    1. That’s right, porn is illegal in Korea and I’ll never break the law and make a movie.
      The adult superheroine movie that I’m going to make in the future is the so-called pink movie.
      Pink movies used to mean erotic adult movies, not pornography, in Japan.
      It is to make a movie and release it legally after being reviewed by a state agency.
      Every movie I’m going to make in the future will be made in this way.

      (한국에서는 포르노가 불법이 아니냐며, 그렇다면 어떻게 19금 버전 원더우먼을 발매할 것이냐는 질문에)
      맞습니다, 한국에서는 포르노가 불법입니다. 그리고 전 절대 법을 어겨가며 성인 영상을 제작하지 않을 거에요.
      앞으로 제가 만들 성인 버전 슈퍼히로인 영화는 소위 ‘핑크 무비’라고 생각하시면 되겠습니다. (국내에선 그냥 19금 에로 영화라고 하죠)
      핑크 무비란 과거 일본에서 포르노가 아닌 에로틱한 성인 영화를 말하는 것이었죠.
      지금처럼 영화를 만들고 국내 심의 기관에서 심의를 받아서 합법하에 영화를 발매할 것입니다.
      앞으로 제가 만들 모든 성인 영화는 이러한 방식으로 제작될 것입니다.

      1. Hmm…I don’t understand the difference between hardcore korean porn and pink movie. Is there limits to acts of sex? Will it be censored? Are certain kinds of elements not allowed? (for example rape, strangling heroine with her own cape, threesome boy boy girl, blowjobs, gangbangs, cumming on stockings, etc…)

        1. The hardcore Korean porn you’re talking about is probably an illegal video circulating on the web.
          There is a high probability that the video is not mutually agreed upon, as I said before, illegal and subject to very high levels of punishment in Korea.

          The pink movie I’m going to make is rated by the national review agency and legally release the video,
          What I regret is that the review of adult films in Korea is particularly strict and the review standards are ambiguous.

          “Body exposure related to sexual context is directly expressed, the Genitalia part is emphasized and not continuously exposed.”
          “a specific, continuous and blatant manifestation of sexual behavior’

          This is the standard that the deliberative body calls, which is too comprehensive and ambiguous, so the so-called “Nun-chi” in Korea is important. (Nun-chi = Tact)
          You can think of it as similar to the court precedent. It is to look at the movies that passed the deliberation earlier and to roughly recognize the criteria for deliberation.

          Here’s what I’m sorry about. I can understand that the national deliberation agency is conservative and anachronistic, but it is too hard for people like me to get this data.
          In any field, they create their own heritage and set the stage for next generations, but in Korea, this genre has no heritage for next generations.

          This is why I want to build infrastructure for this genre. It doesn’t just mean the physical infrastructure like a superheroine studio.
          I want to leave a legacy for the next generation who want to walk the same path as me.
          This is the biggest reason why I want to build infrastructure.

          당신이 말하는 하드코어 코리안 포르노는 아마도 웹상에 떠도는 불법 영상물일 것입니다.
          상호간의 합의가 이루어지지 않은 비디오일 확률이 높으며 전에 말한 것처럼 이는 불법이고
          한국에서 매우 높은 수준의 처벌을 받습니다.

          제가 만들 성인 영화는 국가의 심의 기관에서 등급 분류를 받고 합법적으로 비디오를 발매하는 것인데,
          제가 안타깝게 생각하는 것은 한국은 유독 성인 영화에 대한 심의가 엄격하고 이 심의 기준이 모호하다는 것입니다.

          “성적 맥락과 관련된 신체 노출이 직접적으로 표현되어 있으나 음부 등을 강조하여 지속적으로 노출하지 않은 것”
          “성적 행위가 구체적이고 지속적이며 노골적으로 표현된 것”

          이것이 심의 기관에서 말하는 기준인데, 너무 포괄적이고 모호하기 때문에 소위 ‘눈치’가 중요합니다.
          법원의 판례와 비슷하게 생각하시면 될 것 입니다. 앞서 심의를 통과한 작품들을 살펴보고 심의의 기준을 얼추
          알아차리는 것이지요.

          제가 안타깝게 생각하는 부분이 여기에 있어요. 국가의 심의 기관이 보수적이고 시대착오적인 건 그러려니 하겠는데,
          저처럼 이 분야를 새롭게 시작하려는 사람들이 이런 데이터를 얻기가 너무 힘들다는 것이에요.
          어떤 분야건 자신들만의 유산을 만들고 후대를 위한 발판을 마련하는데 유독 한국에서 이 장르는 후대를 위한 유산을
          찾아볼 수가 없거든요.

          이것이 제가 이 장르를 위한 인프라를 구축하고 싶어하는 이유입니다. 그저 스튜디오 같은 물적 인프라만 말하는 게 아니에요.
          저와 같은 길을 걷고 싶어하는 다음 세대를 위한 유산을 남기고 싶은 마음이 큽니다.
          이것이 제가 평생을 바쳐 인프라를 구축하고 싶어하는 가장 큰 이유에요.

          1. Well, it seems difficult to produce in Korea. Maybe you should move to Japan to accomplish your dream 🙂 You would compete with GIGA.
            Anyway, the movies you produced so far are fantastic. Having two of these movies every month is really a “superheroinedream”.

          2. One of my favorite cartoons, “Berserk,” says this “There can be no paradise where you have escaped.’
            I’m going to build infrastructure for this genre here.
            Just as no one thought that Korean movies, dramas, and K-pop would succeed in the world in the past, there will be a day when Korean adult movies will be recognized in the world.

            제가 좋아하는 ‘베르세르크’ 라는 만화에서 이런 대사가 나옵니다. “도망친 곳에 낙원은 없다.’
            전 이곳에 이 장르를 위한 인프라를 구축하고 말거에요.
            과거 한국의 영화, 드라마, K-pop이 세계에서 성공할 거라고 아무도 생각하지 못한 것 처럼
            한국 성인 영화도 당당히 세계에서 인정받는 날이 올 겁니다.

          3. Yeah! Love Berserk too. In my case, I had to leave my country to fulfill my dream. But if you think you can do it in your country, you have to try. For me, it was impossible. Good luck in your project.

  5. Well, keep looking forward to your movie. I think there are many more developments. For example, Usurper took control of wonder woman’s body;Fausta wore a belt and wrist guard and tortured her with the power of wonder woman.

  6. the wunder woman saga is a masterpiece, the actress is perfect and she gets into the role of wunder woman in danger, it is a pity that she is no longer in more movies. This chapter closes spectacularly, I’m not a fan of fatal endings, with death. I like much more the idea of a losing ending where Wunder Woman is humiliated rather than just defeating her, a victory position by Fausta placing her foot on Wunder Woman’s breasts and starting to laugh would have given her a great final to this movie. Another idea that I usually imagine when I see the scene where the wunder woman is hanged and remembers her boyfriend, it would have been great if Fausta had come over to hit her abdomen and left her without air, and close-ups of her limbs shaking from the blows she receives were taken constantly, wow is the perfect defeat! If more danger scenes were added where Wunder Woman is beaten, it would be a much more incredible ending! I hope that the surprise that wildkat is preparing for us in January is excellent!

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